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Why is Thermal Insulation Important in Your Water Tanks?

Water Storage Tanks

Every year we hear the same murmurs doing the rounds as we rub our hands to ward off the extreme chill – “Isn’t it colder this year?”. And while that may feel relatably true to most of us, the troubles don’t end at just keeping ourselves warm. Especially in areas which experience extremely low temperatures, … Read more

Transforming interior spaces

Transforming interior spaces

A lot of us possess great passion for cooking and it is absolutely true that food brings us all together. Isn’t it? We’re quite picky when it comes to choosing our tableware, for instance, we love to shop for unique cutlery, designer crockery sets, high tech kitchen appliances, in fact kitchenware too! We spend so … Read more

Versatile piping systems for Constructions and Industries

Piping System for Constructions

Most of the residential and commercial projects are adopting a more reliable piping solution these days. PPR piping also known as Polypropylene Random Copolymer, has become an unbeaten solution and has replaced cold galvanized pipes for all hot systems. It even offers a range of advantages over conventional steel, cast-iron or cemented pipes. PPR piping … Read more

Why are Manhole Chambers important?

Manhole Chambers importance in Construction

Modern building constructions need a modern and efficient drainage system. It enables the concerned authorities to access the storm sewers and sanitary in a hassle free way and helps them get into the depth of any problem or fix some blockages below. They are also useful for carrying out surveys related to underground utilities, maintenance … Read more

Great ideas to decorate your home with Plants

Decorate your Home with Plants

Elen G White, a renowned author once said “Nature is the mirror of divinity” and the statement stands absolutely true even today. One can behold it almost everywhere, at our homes too, both indoors and outdoors. Greens have become so inevitable part of all our lives that it can outshine your paintings or other interior … Read more

Understanding water storage tanks in detail

Water Storage Tank Manufacturing in Detail

Choosing a new water storage tank for your home can be really complicated. Tank manufacturers have started to overload it with features, some even useless. Amidst all this, we  have been introducing groundbreaking innovations in the Plumbing industry for decades. Today we won’t be getting into specificities of features. Instead, we’ll discuss the two popular … Read more

A Pipe Best Suited for Cold Water Operations

pipe for cold water operations

The winter chill is approaching fast this time and since you’ve already kept your overcoats and shrugs handy, your room heaters and blowers installed, it is high time you get your pipes and fixtures ready to withstand the bone-chilling winters at your homes and commercial spaces.  To make it easier for you, we’ve already talked … Read more

The Evolution of Water Storage Tanks

Brief History of Water TanksThe Harappan civilization being one of the most ancient civilizations of the world boasts of ‘The Great Bath’ at the archaeological site of Mohen-Jo Daro. The Great Bath is considered to be the oldest water tank in the world. A water tank is a container used for storing large quantities of … Read more

Tips for Maintaining Your Water Tank

Buying a high-quality tank is a great investment but it’s just the beginning of your journey to ensure that safe, clean water flows through your pipes and reaches your kitchen and bathroom taps. These tanks are usually built to last in extreme environments and temperatures, yet some last only a few years where others last … Read more

PVC Pipe for Agricultural Sector

PVC Pipes for Agriculture

India ranks 2nd worldwide in farm output. A network of canals from rivers, well-based systems, ground water, rain water harvesting products and tanks helps in keeping the irrigation infrastructure intact. To help you dive deep into the details, it is important to know that India is also the world’s largest producer of vegetables and fresh … Read more

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