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We are a complete water storage solution provider company. With our three decades of trust, superior quality, cutting-edge technology and consumer-friendly designs, our plastic water tanks have a track record of excellence. Vectus manufactures Overhead Water Tanks, Underground Tanks and Loft Tanks by using Roto Moulding and Blow Moulding technologies. 

  1. Overhead Water Tanks: All Vectus water tanks have been designed keeping in view the needs of all kinds of applications - domestic, commercial and industrial. Our overhead water tank range has a large variety of tanks with multiple layers (3-5 layers), colours and sizes. Each Vectus water tank goes through strict quality control checks making each tank stronger and more rigid as compared to other plastic water tanks in the market. Vectus water tanks are available in different sizes starting from 200 Ltrs to 10,000 Ltrs. We further provide 5 years guarantee on every water tank.
  2. Underground Water Tanks: Manufactured using rotomoulding process, Vectus underground water tanks are one-piece moulded tanks used for underground storage of potable drinking water, wastewater & rainwater collection. Available in 1000L, 2000L and 5000L capacities. 
  3. Loft Tanks: Loft tanks are manufactured using both Blow Moulding and Roto Moulding processes. Loft tanks are specifically designed and manufactured for Kitchen and Household purposes. They are rectangular in shape and hence can be easily accommodated in kitchens and other places inside the house. Vectus loft tanks are available in various capacities ranging from 100 to 500 litres.
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