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Vectus Smart

Vectus Smart Tank

Vectus Smart is a new range of Roto Moulding water storage tanks by Vectus Group. There are two types of moulding technologies used to manufacture the best water tanks, Blow Moulding and Rotational Moulding.

Rotational moulding involves a heated hollow mould which is filled with the required amount of material. It is then slowly rotated (usually around two perpendicular axes) causing the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould. In order to maintain even thickness throughout the part, the mould continues to rotate at all times during the heating phase. It also rotates during the cooling phase to avoid sagging or deformation.

The Best Water Tank for Storage of Potable Water

The Vectus Smart tank is manufactured by keeping in mind the varying needs of the customers. With roto-moulded technology and the best quality virgin raw materials, Vectus Smart is the preferred choice for potable water storage.

Vectus introduced the innovative Smart tank range with three layers to offer complete protection and maintain the highest quality of water.

Made up of 3 layers - 

  • White Titanium layer (Outer layer)
  • Environment stress & UV Sunshield layer (Middle layer)
  • Anti Bacterial layer (Inner layer)

The outer-most White Titanium layer makes the tank strong and durable. The black-coloured UV Sunshield layer protects the water from harmful UV rays as well as external environmental stressors. The inner-most Anti-bacterial layer prevents the growth of bacteria and bad odour. Therefore, Vectus Smart is the best water tank for the storage of potable water.

Vectus Smart Tanks are the best water tanks among the 3-layers category. The tank comes with a 10 years guarantee. Moreover, to add a touch of aesthetics, the Vectus Smart is available in two different colours:

  • Classic White
  • Eye-catching Yellow

To cater to varying water consumption requirements, the Vectus Smart series comes in different sizes: 500, 700, 1000, 1500, and 2000 litres. Overall, the Vectus Smart offers a perfect solution for the potable water storage needs of small to big families.

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  • Threaded Lid: When we talk about good quality, we don’t just mean excellent plastic raw material for our tanks. The best water tanks are those which also consider the quality of their lids. The lids of Vectus Smart tanks are heavy and threaded. This design prevents them from getting blown off by strong winds or getting damaged by monkeys.
  •  Anti Bacterial Layer: Inner anti-bacterial layer prevents bacterial growth and keeps water fresh.
  • Super strong: Each Vectus water tank goes through strict quality control checks making it stronger and more rigid as compared to other plastic water tanks in the market.
  • Virgin Raw Material: We use the best quality, 100% virgin raw material, which makes our products the best water tanks, safe for storage of drinking water.




Capacity (Litres)

Overall Diameter (mm)

 Overall Height (mm)

Diameter of Man-hole (mm) 





















Note:- There could be variations in specification due to continuous product development, All sizes and capacities are approximate.All sizes are in mm

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