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Why are Manhole Chambers important?

Modern building constructions need a modern and efficient drainage system. It enables the concerned authorities to access the storm sewers and sanitary in a hassle free way and helps them get into the depth of any problem or fix some blockages below. They are also useful for carrying out surveys related to underground utilities, maintenance of equipment and for operatives to enter the system itself.Traditionally, manhole chambers or Inspection chambers were made of bricks and concrete, but now they’re quite revamped.

Generally, minimum internal dimensions of a manhole are 600*900mm for any depth, but modern manholes these days are usually 1 metre deep with inspection chambers for shallower depths.

Manhole chambers are generally located at one of three points in a drainage system:

  • The point where the branch drain joins a main drainage pipe.
  • When there is a straight run of piping for more than 22 metres.
  • The point where a drain or sewer pipe changes direction horizontally by more than 30 degrees.

Apart from acting as a pathway to the drainage system, they can also act as a temporary storage point for water and don’t allow the water to flow out immediately.

Just like, a regular check on the drainage system is important, even Inspection/Manhole chamber maintenance is also to be taken care of. If a manhole chamber gets blocked with debris and waste, it would be difficult to access the drains and this can also create issues in the future.

There Manhole Chambers and covers are usually made of superior quality HDPE i.e. High Density Polyethylene. HDPE is a thermostatic polymer made from petroleum. Since, it has high tensile strength, resistance and melting point it is considered to be a really tough and durable raw material for Manhole chambers and covers.

Now that we have discussed the use and the importance of the Manhole chamber in keeping the drainage system safe and clean, let’s find the best chamber for your construction.

Vectus PE Manhole Chambers

Vectus PE Manhole Chambers are manufactured using comprehensive European Standards EN 13598-2 and are used in domestic, industrial and sewage drainage systems. It provides an access point to public utilities like access to sewers, telephones lines, electrical cabling, storm drains and gas utilities. Vectus Manhole Chambers have an upper edge over others and can change the direction, diameter of pipe and gradient of any sewage & drainage line.


  • Resistance to water and chemicals is very high.
  • It is heavier than concrete manholes by 5%.
  • Since it is made of Thermoplastic, it will not leak and it’ll protect the environment also.
  • It is easy to assemble it even in difficult terrains and extreme weather conditions.
  • It’s lifetime expectancy is 50 years and needs no maintenance.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Environment friendly.

Vectus Manhole Chamber covers

To protect your manhole and people falling down into a manhole, you need a durable Manhole Chamber cover. Vectus has evolutionized Manhole chambers with its lightweight yet super durable Plastic Manhole Chamber cover. These chamber covers boast trendy designs, easy handling, antitheft and anti-slippery properties. They are also corrosion free and prevent entry of insects.Vectus Manhole chambers are tested as per pedestrian and road safety norms. 

They also prevent surface water from entering the drainage system at that point, so the drainage pipes do not become overflooded during heavy rainfall.

So protect your drainage system with the safest Vectus Manhole Chambers and PE manhole covers and make the overall process of underground maintenance less tedious for trained personnels. To know more about Vectus Drainage products, visit


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