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SWR Drainage System

SWR Pipes and Fittings

Wavin Vectus SWR (Soil, Waste, and Rainwater) Drainage System includes a wide range of soil, waste and rainwater plumbing products for residential and industrial developments. The PVC SWR Pipes and fittings are available in Ring-Fit and Self-Fit options, wherein the SWR pipes are manufactured as per IS 13592 and SWR fittings are as per IS 14735.

Wavin Vectus Sewage  pipes and fittings are available from 75 mm to 160 mm. The Sewage pipes are available in two types:
• Type A - Used for ventilation pipework and rainwater harvesting.
• Type B - Used  for soil and waste discharge systems.

Wavin Vectus Ring-Fit SWR Pipes and Fittings with Yellow Ring Technology-

Wavin Vectus Ring Fit SWR is a system that is joined together by simply pushing the spigot into socket end. This requires no threading or solvent for joining. The spigot end is held firmly in the socket by the reinforced Yellow Ring provided in the groove. It ensures leak-proof joints and prevents choking. This advanced co-moulded yellow ring enables the joints to compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction of plastic.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • No solvent cement required for making joints
  • Cost-effective
  • Yellow Ring technology allows thermal expansion and contraction
  • High flow rates - no choking
  • Accurate and perfect dimensional control

Wavin Vectus Self Fit SWR Pipes and Fittings

Wavin Vectus manufactures the best PVC SWR pipes in India . Self Fit (solvent cement type) PVC SWR pipes and fittings are joined together with solvent cement. Sewage Pipes are socketed on state-of-the-art online belling machines and fittings are manufactured with collapsible ring fit design moulds with uniform groove size ensuring a high degree of dimensional accuracy resulting in perfect joint each time.


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Benefits of Wavin Vectus SWR Piping system:-

High Flow  & Leakproof:- Wavin Vectus SWR pipes ensures a  smooth water flow due to smooth bore and high tensile strength which makes them leak-proof as well.

Maintenance Free and Longer Life:-  Wavin Vectus SWR pipes and Fittings come with a long service life due to the high impact strength properties of PVC Material.

Corrosion Resistant:-  Wavin Vectus SWR pipes are chemical and corrosion resistant which makes them the preferred choice for lifetime trouble-free service.

Wide Range:-  Wavin Vectus manufactures a wide range of high-quality SWR pipes and SWR fittings available with Ring fit and Self-fit technology as per the industry needs

Other advantages include-

  • Wavin Vectus SWR Pipes and Fittings are chemical and corrosion-resistant.
  • They are UV Stabilized, hence, they can withstand excessive UV rays as well as rough weather conditions which makes it suitable for external use.
  • Wavin Vectus SWR pipes are lightweight in comparison to conventional asbestos cement and copper iron pipes
  • Wavin Vectus SWR Pipes provide a high flow rate due to a perfectly finished inner surface, thus prevent clogging & choking up of drains.
  • Quick and conventional installation - Wavin Vectus SWR drainage systems come with integrated ring support which makes the installation trouble-free; they are watertight and the installation process doesn't require much manpower.
  • Elegant appearance -  Wavin Vectus SWR Drainage Systems are a refreshing change from the conventional asbestos cement, cast iron or blow moulded fittings. They add a touch of smartness to the buildings.


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