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Versatile piping systems for Constructions and Industries

Most of the residential and commercial projects are adopting a more reliable piping solution these days. PPR piping also known as Polypropylene Random Copolymer, has become an unbeaten solution and has replaced cold galvanized pipes for all hot systems. It even offers a range of advantages over conventional steel, cast-iron or cemented pipes.

PPR piping system’s main characteristic is its high resistance on chemicals and heat. Moreover, PPR piping systems can withstand any extreme weather conditions and is favorable with both heat and pressure which ensures that it can even last for more than 50 years.

During the process of installation, to prevent the pipe from leakages, PPR pipes and fittings are welded by temperature heating which has to be really accurate in relation time. 

Overall, PPR piping systems can occupy a quintessential importance in the piping industry as it can be installed in a variety of applications like:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transportation of aggressive fluids in industries
  • Compressed air supply system
  • Transportation of potable water and liquid food 
  • Hot & Cold water piping system 
  • Solar water heating systems
  • Heating system inside buildings  including floor, walls and radiator heating
  • Sewage
  • Irrigation
  • Pollution Discharge

The best PPR piping system you can buy right now

Now that you’re well aware how beneficial PPR piping systems are, we have an insightful recommendation for you-  “Vectus PPR pipes and fittings”. These come with an excellent chemical resistance and provide a solution to calcification and oxidation which makes Vectus PPR suitable for chemical transportation in pharmaceuticals and other industries. Vectus PPR piping systems are superior to others because of its compatibility with working temperatures ranging from -20 degree to 95 degree celsius.  Vectus PPR piping system is considered to be the most trusted piping system to be employed in water supply and industrial application due to its high level of strength.

Moreover, Vectus PPR Piping System is physically superior, hygienically safe, and non-carcinogenic.These Pipes are manufactured as per IS 15801 and are available in PN 6, PN 10, PN 16, PN 20 & PN 25 (common for all sizes)

The available range of pipes and fittings varies from 16 mm to 160 mm and is available in 2 different colors -White and Green in length starting from 3, 4, and 6 meters.

Benefits of PPR piping system

  1. Vectus PPR pipes are non-corrosive in nature.
  2. These pipes contain an inner Anti-bacterial layer which makes it safe for use.
  3. Vectus PPR pipes can reduce any chances of structural damages like diametric contraction and can endure high impact.
  4. They are leakproof and frost proof.
  5. Vectus piping systems have a smooth inner surface, thus, reducing the operational pressure required by the motor pump. In fact, they are scale-free and odor-free too.
  6. Heat preserving and energy saving.
  7. PP-RC material can work in both acidic and basic solutions; hence it shows no reaction with salts and acids.
  8. PPR piping system is UV stabilized, which prevents the sun rays from degrading or destructing the material resulting in long operational life.

So, it’s time for you to make a wise choice for your future constructions or renovations and sport your house with a Vectus PPR piping system, designed to perform under tough conditions. To know more about it, visit


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