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The Importance of Solid Waste Management

Waste management rules are based on the core principle of sustainable development. This will prevent your household from undergoing severe risky results due to solid waste material. Municipalities and concerned authorities are mandated to take care that any practices they follow do not disrupt the sustainability factor. However, as more and more areas are being developed and urbanised, the country is facing a massive waste management challenge. Solid waste management is a basic service that should be provided by municipalities. As this is not just for the current generation but also for the future generations to come. The key to efficient solid waste management is by segregating waste at the source so that it can be treated accordingly i.e recycled, reused and recovered. The more waste management opportunities are created, the better it will benefit the neighborhood as well as the people living in it.

Benefits of sustainable waste management

The entire process involves basic steps like collecting, sorting, treating, recycling and if possible, providing a source of energy and resources, the latter being a potential economic benefit if utilised effectively. Besides that, in a country like India which has a major livelihood crunch for an ever-growing population, following a proper waste management process creates many jobs. Not to mention the overall jump in the quality of life index that one sees when proper hygiene is ensured and not impaired by health risks as a result of illegal dumping and inadequate garbage collection. Where sustainability angle makes a major difference is, in the environmental impact of it all. Following a sustainable waste management process improves the air and water quality and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. When we reduce the food waste, we also reduce the heavy environmental cost of producing more.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Mission 2.0

While the first leg of this mission, initiated in 2014, focused on making India open defecation free, the second phase, which begins this year, sees an increased focus on waste management including solid waste and sludge. Aligned with this vision of ‘Swachh Bharat’, Vectus Industries manufactures waste disposal bins across various segments like household, roadside and community.

Vectus Household Bins

Vectus Plastic dustbins for the household are made from high-quality virgin plastic, and are the first step that we as individuals can take to contribute to effective waste management. They say every good cause begins at home, and bringing home dustbins that offer a variety of benefits is the first way in which we can aid the cause of sustainable solid waste management through the Swachh Bharat Mission. The range varies from pedal to flappy bins, which help you segregate food and household waste so that it can be treated efficiently. Vectus household bins are stylish and come in a variety of bold colours and sizes that only keep your space clean and tidy but does so without hampering the aesthetics of your space.

Vectus Roadside Bins

With the current state of affairs as far as the natural resources are concerned, it is important that we follow waste segregation so that it can be recycled, reused and if possible, reduced. Vectus roadside bins come in multiple colours so that they easily fit in whatever environment they are placed in. They are available with or without metal stands. With a wider placement of our roadside bins, municipal bodies are able to collect garbage and treat it accordingly. What’s more, these bins are made up of a heavy duty, spray painted frame which prevents damage by corrosion. The swivel makes it easy to take the trash out from these bins.

Vectus Community Bins

Not just roadside and household bins, Vectus also has a category of high quality community bins with sturdy caster wheels that allow convenient transportation of waste on the most uneven surfaces. Very durable, these bins are made up of the finest raw material keeping the strictest industry standards in mind.

So, do your bit towards the environment and the society by first, pledging to reduce your waste and secondly, by segregating it properly and deploying the most reliable polymer based products. Choose durability, choose Vectus


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