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New plant parent? Here’s what you need to keep in mind!

Be it a dull and forgotten corner of your house or your mood hitting an all-time low, nothing like a breeze of fresh greens to invigorate and freshen it up! Having potted plants inside and around your house is known to rejuvenate you, besides giving you access to other tangible benefits like having in-house kitchen herbs and microgreens handy.

If you’re a new plant parent and feeling lost on how to make sure your plants bloom healthy, here are a few tips that can help you get started.

Repotting immediately

Immediately after purchasing a pot-bound plant from the nursery, consider repotting it in a different planter since these plants usually have their roots grown to their maximum limit and would soon run short of room in the existing pot. Doing this allows the plant to grow faster as it absorbs more nutrients. Repotting also gives you an opportunity to prune the roots of your little buddy and scan them to understand how healthy your plant is. If they’re mushy, dry, smelly, or moldy, this indicates a problem.

Maali Planter

We have the perfect recommendation for you to follow this important gardening tip. To add to its kitty of beautiful Maali planters, Vectus has launched its new Sunflower range. The Sunflower Maali Planters are suitable for decorating any corner of your house or your work desk. Available in 4 bright and cheerful colours, they are made up of 100% Food-grade plastic and are super lightweight. We also have other planters in the range by Maali like Orchid, Tulip, Lily and Terracotta.

Observing consistency

Since plants adapt to the quantum of light and water, constantly repositioning them or not having a watering cycle hinders their growth. Study your plant’s behavioral pattern and nutrition needs, and be consistent with its watering schedule and light exposure.


Using good quality watering products

It is also crucial to check the quality of other gardening assets that you use while tending to your plants. If they are not food safe, or not heavy-metal free, their use could deteriorate the quality of your produce and even make them toxic if consumed.

Vectus Garden Pipes

Vectus Europa Garden Pipes are made as per European Union Guidelines on non-hazardous substances & RoHS Compliance and are free from any kind of heavy metals. These eco friendly pipes don’t damage or twist, have no oiliness on the surface in high-temperature conditions, and are immune to all types of tangles or cracks regardless of whether they are used frequently or less.

Vectus Hazara watering

The Vectus Hazara watering can comes in a capacity of 10 litres and is a completely safe and quality gardening asset for your green space.

Adjusting the humidity and temperature levels

Humidifiers are great for plants in general. Other ways of amping up the moisture levels is by regularly misting them, or placing the pot on or near a bed of pebbles submerged in water. Your plant shouldn’t constantly be submerged in water, but should be surrounded by it. Similarly, make sure your plant is neither too cold nor too hot based on the exterior temperature of your location. Regulate it to an optimum, and watch your green buddy flourish!

Plant at home

Most importantly, observe your plant and interpret what it is trying to communicate to you. For instance, yellow leaves mean you’ve over-watered it, while moldy or black spots are indicative of a pest infestation or a bacterial infection. We hope these basic tips will boost your confidence as a new plant parent and help you add more greens to your environment!

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