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Vectus Garden Pipes

Garden Pipes

A type of water pipe which is well known for its flexibility, durability, and is commonly used to flush out the water for all garden and landscaping purposes, Europa Garden Pipes and Indus Garden Pipes manufactured by Vectus are all-weather pipes in our popular Garden Pipes segment which have a superior build, are lightweight, and guarantee a promise of top-notch quality. Both the garden pipes are Made in India and Made for Green India.

European Standard Water Pipe

Europa Garden Pipe is India’s first and only European standard garden hose pipes. The pipes are also referred to as PVC Garden Pipes or Garden Hose Pipes. Made as per European Union Guidelines on non-hazardous substances & RoHS Compliant; Vectus Garden Pipes are free from any kind of heavy metals and are eco friendly. PVC Garden Pipes are built to withstand all weather conditions, which means that you can bid goodbye to all the rise and drop of temperature-related worries due to the superior quality of raw materials used once installed. Moreover, without melting or getting stiff, our Garden Hose Water Pipe does not damage or twist, has no oiliness on the surface in high-temperature conditions, and is immune to all types of tangles or cracks regardless of the fact whether kept unused or used regularly. Furthermore, to carry them comfortably, the package style used in these garden pipes is easy and smart.

Just like PVC Garden Pipes, Indus Garden water pipe also caters to all types of gardening and lawn care purposes. Available in green colors, our new Indus range of pipes is also eco-friendly and are built with superior quality materials. They can be used for a wide variety of other applications such as cleaning vehicles, pets, equipment, and industrial purposes at construction sites and factories.

Garden Hose Pipe

What makes both these garden pipes even more unique is they are made with no harmful chemicals and are phthalate-free. The high-quality pigments used in these garden hose pipes are non-carcinogenic, which means they are not made using any chemicals that result in cancer in humans. The PVC Garden Water Pipe also prevents the colors from fading and the translucence of the pipes prevents any algae or fungus formation.

Nowadays when the culture of rooftop gardens, organic farming, and customized farming styles are on a rise, the range of Europa and Indus garden hose pipes from Vectus is a perfect choice for all landscaping purposes offering true value in every sense and serving all the varied needs of consumers with its fully loaded features and built.

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  • No Harmful Chemicals - Vectus Europa and Indus Garden Pipes are 100% PHTHALATE free. These pipes are safe to use. 
  • RoHS Compliant -  RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliance ensures that these PVC garden pipes are heavy metal-free.
  • Non-Carcinogenic - Vectus Garden Hose Pipes are not made using any chemicals that result in cancer in humans.
  • Translucent -  Translucent pipes discourage the growth of any algae or fungus, hence safe for use. 
  • All-weather Pipes - Both range of Pipes can withstand any degree of rise and drop in temperature without melting or getting stiff. 
  • Can Withstand in Low and High Temperature - Our both Europa and Indus Garden Pipes range are made as per the European Union Standards and can withstand both high and low-temperature conditions 
  • Flexibility - Vectus Garden Hose Pipes don't damage, twist, tangle or crack if kept unused or used daily.



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