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Vectus Household Bins

Household Bins

Keep your space clean and tidy with the wide selection of Vectus plastic dustbins. From pedal bins to flappy bins, we have a wide range of plastic dustbins that will help you separate food and household waste. Segregation of waste is an important step that can help you do your bit for the environment. If you think you have to compromise on the aesthetics of your kitchen and house by following a proper waste disposal practice, you have a plastic dustbin manufacturer like Vectus at your disposal! When you have your kitchen looking right, you needn’t compromise on style when it comes to the bin. Vectus offers a variety of choices when it comes to stylish plastic dustbins that too in different bold colors. Ideal for homes, hospitals, shops, offices, beauty parlors, restaurants, public washrooms, toilets Vectus plastic dustbins are made from high-quality virgin plastic.

While even many educated people seem to ignore this common practice out of sheer negligence, as a responsible citizen we should ensure we take all steps possible to maintain a clean environment. Not just inside our homes, but even outside and whichever space we set foot in. The problem is not just littering, but not understanding or following the correct way of disposing your waste, which ultimately is a price paid by our planet. Just dumping your household waste in the next plastic dustbin you spot is not enough. Learning how to segregate your waste and disposing it in the optimum fashion paves the way towards a sustainable future. Let’s understand how.

Why is Proper Waste Disposal Important

It is important to commit to proper waste disposal because it directly impacts the aesthetics of any space. By designating a spot for dumping your waste, you ensure that the remaining area remains clean and orderly by default. Health and sanitation is hampered massively by rotting waste that eventually becomes a hub and breeding ground for bacteria and potential diseases. What’s more, perishable waste attracts rodents and pests. Be it biohazards, or the community health in general, proper waste disposal is extremely imperative a practice to be executed at a holistic level.

There are different categories of household waste that we must all familiarise with, so that we can accordingly segregate our waste into the correct plastic dustbin for proper waste treatment post disposal.

1. Liquid Waste: Comprising dirty water, waste detergents, organic liquids, this type of waste is best disposed of by contacting waste removal experts.

2. Solid Waste: This is further sun-categorised into plastic waste, paper waste, metal waste, glass and ceramic waste. Although not biodegradable, a lot of the plastic waste can be recycled, so be careful to not mix it with your regular waste while dumping it in your plastic dustbin. Paper waste like newspapers, packaging materials, cardboards; metals and tins and glassware are all recyclable material. You can find bottle banks and special glass recycling bins in your locality to dispose of these waste materials correctly.

3. Organic Waste: Primarily composed of garden waste, food waste, rotten meat, vegetable peels etc. Overtime, this organic waste can be converted into organic fertiliser by microbes. An important thing to note is that if organic waste reaches landfill sites, it leads to methane production. So it should never be mixed with general waste of your plastic dustbin but instead disposed of in a garden or green skin bag.

The Significance of Plastic Dustbins in Waste Prevention

While reliable plastic dustbin manufacturers like Vectus have your back when it comes to effective waste disposal, the most effective way to minimise waste disposal related environmental damage is to generate it less in the first place. Waste prevention helps reap environmental benefits and savings on cost.

  • Reduce: Make necessary changes in your lifestyle that reduce the amount of waste generated in the first place. Plan your consumption patterns in advance so that you buy only what you really need, especially when it comes to perishable items which end up reaching your plastic dustbin without being used at all.
  • Reuse: Find innovative ways to repair, refurbish and ultimately reuse a seemingly worn out material or substance which you were about to discard. Giving a second thought and a little effort often helps us see things from a different perspective and find a new use for something which was originally being dumped by you. For instance, avoid single use plastic straws or plastic bags and use sustainable alternatives like steel straws or cloth bags. Find recyclable alternatives so that after a single-use you can upcycle and use that material for some other purpose.
  • Donate: Be it toys or perishable food items, instead of mindlessly throwing them in a plastic dustbin, think twice on how what may be a waste product to you could possibly be of use to someone else. Donate your old clothes, leftover foods, books, broken glassware to people in need who may either use them as is or earn some income by recycling the raw material.
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Vectus Household plastic dustbins are being manufactured using Virgin Plastic material. No recycled material is being used during manufacturing.

  • These plastic bins can be used in Hospitals, office complexes, and in many more areas.
  • Available in different sizes and colors our range of plastic dustbins are strong and durable. 
  • They come in a variety of colors and sizes to offer maximum options that not only suit your aesthetic needs but also your functional needs



Our Range of Plastic Dustbins Include:- 

S.No Product Name Sizes
1 Pedal Dustbins  7, 11, & 13 Ltrs
2 Swing Bins 7, 11, 25, 30, 40, 60 Ltrs      
3 Swing Bin with Handle  30, 40 & 60 Ltrs
4 Sapna Dustbin  7 Ltrs
Household Bin with Cover  10  & 20 Ltrs
6 Household Bin with Lid  10 & 11 Ltrs
7 Household Bin without  Lid  10 & 11 Ltrs
8 Dust Pan  Small & Big sizes


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