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Diwali Renovation Tips with Vectus

Are you planning a home renovation this Diwali? Well, autumn brings a lot of festive vibes and it is that time of the year when we spruce up our homes to make it alluring. We get our homes white washed, do necessary repairs, spend on lights and other decoratives to bring out an aesthetic appeal. But we rarely give a thought about looking out for our plumbing fixtures.

Here are 4 things you seriously need to consider doing this Diwali apart from cleaning all the walls, fans and chandeliers indoors. 

  1. Get your household water tank cleaned. Tank cleaning is equally important and needs to be done once in a year at least. We use this water for performing various day-to-day tasks at home like mopping, bathing and laundry etc. Therefore, a lot of algae or bacteria or other sediments can settle with time and can eventually cause health hazards. Moreover, if you’re looking to replace your old tank, we suggest you bring home a Vectus European Standard water storage tank which comes packed with Microban which protects your tank from bacteria. It also comes with RoHS which makes the tank safe from heavy metals.
Water Tank Cleaning
  1. Do a good check before getting your walls white washed. Maybe, they’re damp from the inside and can cause seepage issues soon enough. To fix a certain seepage problem, contact a plumber and get your piping systems checked thoroughly. If your entire piping system needs revamping, ask him to replace it with a Vectus CPVC Piping system. Other than this, you can even get your fixtures checked. In case, the fixture part is leaking, get it replaced with new ones. Apply solvent cement where needed. When solvent is applied, it softens and dissolves the top layer of the fitting and the pipe as well and overall loosens its molecular structure. A taper in the fitting socket ensures great contact between the pipe and the fitting allowing the material to fuse to itself when the pipe and the fitting is connected together. Thus, it can fill unnecessary gaps. You can consider buying Vectus Solvent cement from the nearest hardware store.
Vectus Solvent Cement
  1. Just that we install various lights and lamps to give a sparkling effect, we should definitely consider buying new planters to create a good vibe all around. Adding some foliage indoors can definitely make our home look greener. With our wide range of Maali Planters like Terracotta planters, oval shape planters, give a new look to your desks, the staircase, bookshelf, sofa corners or foyers. These planters can also help you to turn the ambience much livelier with fresher air. You can plant shrubs, creepers, bonsais, palms or anything that suits your home the best.
Decorative Planter
  1. On Dhanteras, which is a part of Diwali festivities, we usually invest in metal utensils. But, at the same time, you can even consider buying new Kitchen plastic products to give your kitchen a vibrant look and feel. If you haven’t replaced your old steel container sets, we’d highly recommend you to do it right away. Vectus Kitchen products are specially designed to take care of your storage requirements as they are nestable, stackable and super durable. They are manufactured with fine fabrication which makes them unbreakable yet lightweight.
Vectus Household Products

So with this, we have summarized almost everything and provided you some interesting tips, hacks and solutions for this festive season to give your home an overall strong foundation, not only on the inside, but outside too. To read more about our other products in detail, visit


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