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Vectus Water Tanks

Vectus Cool

Presenting our range of Anti-Bacterial and Heavy Metal - free tanks certified as per the European Standards!

The Vectus Cool range of Anti-Bacterial water storage tanks has been designed to keep your water pure, safe and cool. These tanks consist of 4 layers, each one serving a very specfic purpose. Ideal for household and industrial applications.

Capacity (Litres) Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Height (mm) Diameter Of Manhole (mm)
550 870 970 390
750 990 1035 390
1100 1110 1190 390
1500 1230 1345 390
2000 1335 1490 390
3000 1550 1750 450
5000 1880 2010 450
10000 2300 2610 480

Note:- There could be variations in specification due to continuous product development, All sizes and capacities are approximate.All sizes are in mm

  • The Inner Anti- Bacterial layer infused with Microban Anti -bacterial technology, which eliminates bacteria by 99.9%.
  • Intermittent Foam layer which keeps water-resistant from external temperature variation even under extreme conditions.
  • Intermittent black colour UV sun shield layer which protects water tank from harmful UV rays.
  • Outer high-quality Titanium Loaded layer which gives strength and whiteness to the tank.
  • Free from hazardous heavy metals as per the European standards which make water safe for drinking purposes.




Vectus Cool White Water Tank

Vectus Cool White

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