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Use of Microban and RoHS in Water Tanks.

Have you ever wondered how water tanks have evolved over time? Do you know what tanks were actually made of? Well, let’s travel back in time and unfold a brief history of water tanks.

Historically, metal tanks or steel tanks became a popular choice. Infact, if we dig more, we can even find tanks made of wood or ceramic too. But, galvanised metal tanks made its mark because of its availability in different shapes and sizes. 

But the question still stands true, “Were these tanks really safe?”

Well, with the introduction of Polyethylene water tanks, the dynamics have wholly changed in the industry as it has become a perfect successor to the orthodox steel or concrete tanks both in terms of safety and capacity. And with the inclusion of technologies like Microban and RoHS, modern Polyethylene water tanks have become just more safer. 

What is Microban?


Microban is an integrated antibacterial technology which reduces the number of microbes on a treated product throughout its expected lifecycle. To make it easier for you, Microban inhibits growth and reproduction of any hazardous bacteria, mold and mildew. 

How is Microban infused in Water tanks?

Full Integration: The technology is integrated into the tank during the manufacturing process and becomes part of the molecular structure of the plastic inner layer completely and it does not wear away or wash off with time. 

Protected with Microban

Contamination: The treated inner layer becomes contaminated with bacteria as a result of cleaning lapses or environmental conditions. Thus, it remains absolutely protected with the infusion of Microban Technology.

Technology at Work: The technology penetrates the bacteria and inhibits their ability to reproduce, make food or eliminate waste.

Cleaner Tank:  Ultimately the treated inner layer of the tank remains cleaner and is protected against the proliferation of harmful and degrading bacteria.

Lifespan: By reducing bacteria that causes stains and odors, Microban also increases the overall lifespan of the Water Tank.

What is RoHS? 

ROHS Compliant

RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances originated in the European Union, restricts the use of hazardous chemicals that can have long term exposure.

ROHS Restricted Substances & Limits

Are Vectus Tanks compliant with Microban and RoHS?

Yes absolutely. Vectus European range of water tanks are compliant with both Microban technology and RoHS. The innermost layer of the Vectus European standard tanks are Anti-bacterial which means they are resistant to all kinds of fungi, yeast and bacteria. Vectus Tanks are also RoHS certified which makes them metal free and they don’t hold any chemicals like Lead, Cadmium, Mercury etc.

So, practice proper health, sanitation and safety precautions with the above mentioned technologies and bring home a Vectus European Standard Water tank today. To know more visit  

Vectus Safe Water Tank


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