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How to Reduce the Wastage of Water at Home?

Water is essential for mankind, yet it is one of the most misused & wasted resources. Even though water covers about 71% of the earth, it is still inaccessible to many. Water wastage is a major crisis in the world, and the reasons are innumerable. It could be a leaky pipe, improper water management & much more. The best way to save water is to make use of practical strategies for water management & conservation. 

Here are some ways that are highly effective and can help save a ton of water once brought into usage.

Repair Unnecessary Leaks

Did you know that on average, a household leak accounts for about 45,500 liters of water waste yearly? The main reason is corroded & cracked pipes. Many houses have metal pipes installed that remain strong during the initial years, but start to corrode with time. Their lower durability makes them a poor choice for fittings and hence, should be replaced with more durable options like PVC pipes. PVC pipes are UV-proof, non-toxic, lead-free, and safe for carrying water. Hence, it is ideal for industrial, agricultural, infrastructural & household needs. These pipes have reduced friction and thus initiate the smooth flow of water.  These pipes also require very little maintenance and that too at a minimal cost.

Turn Off the Tap & Shower When Not in Use

During brushing, bathing, doing dishes, and washing hands, many leave the taps open. This activity has become more like a habit and is one of the major causes of water wastage. To put it into numbers, washing hands or face with the water running uses about 4 gallons of water. If you turn off the tap during this activity, you can save up to 3 gallons of water.

Invest in Good Water-Conserving Equipment

The best solution for any household is the use of a domestic water tank that can help you store & save water in a safe manner. There are 3 types of water tanks that you can get installed. The first one is the overhead water tank, which fits well on rooftops and is easy to check up on. These are available in 500-10000 liters of capacity.  The second one is the underground water storage tank, which is available at 1000-5000 liters of capacity and can help in case of water shortage. The third one is the loft tank, that is rectangular in shape and is specially designed to cater to household and kitchen needs. They are available in 100-500 liters of capacity and can be installed easily inside the house.

Harvest Rainwater

Apart from using a domestic water tank, the next best thing is to preserve the resource nature showers upon you: rain. Rainwater is mostly free from any harmful chemicals and can be used for household purposes. In rainwater harvesting, one can collect large amounts of rainwater on rooftop barrels and use it for multiple purposes. Rainwater can be used for irrigation, watering lawns & gardens, washing vehicles & clothes, drinking (after purification), and much more.

Check What You Put Down the Drain

Clogging of household drains & sewers is a common problem in India. It generally occurs when unnecessary wastes are flushed down the drain that gets stuck and interferes with the smooth flow of the water. Items like wet wipes, sanitary pads, napkins, or dirt can accumulate and cause blockage. The blockage often leads to pipe bursts and leaks. This leakage can not only waste water but also breed harmful bacteria and cause staining around the house walls.


The best way to prevent water wastage is to reuse water. There are some very simple methods that allow you to repurpose used water and save a ton. For example, you can make use of a shower bucket that can collect water that drips down the shower. You can use the water for vegetable washing to mop floors or even in toilets. Use your aquarium water for gardening purposes as it is a good source of nitrogen, potassium & ammonium. You can also use your laundry water to wash driveways or clean pavements. There are a million ways to prevent water wastage when you put your mind to it. Just think a little hard, and you’ll find a way!

The best way to combat water wastage is to be mindful and take care of every pipe & tank carrying water. Even a minute rupture can cause big leakages which in turn cause bigger damage around the house. If you are looking for reliable water storage & piping solutions, Vectus has got your back. It has been Superbrands certified for the second consecutive year and is one of the leading, trusted brands for water storage solutions in India. Vectus water tanks, pipes, household products, etc., are known for their quality material & the ease they bring into the household and industrial uses. They have been serving in the country for the last 30+ years, and have become a pioneer in the Indian market.

If you care about your environment, take a step today!


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