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How To Repair Plastic Water Storage Tank At Home

Water is life and the utmost necessity in everyone’s day-to-day activities. It would be safe to say that the world might stop any day without water. To store and save water, people are trying different ways. One of the most convenient and easy ways is to use a water storage tank.

A water storage tank as the name suggests is a water storing body where the water stored can be used for personal or commercial purposes. This is not a new phenomenon. Storing water for convenient and different purposes has been dated back to the Indus Valley civilization, but the new change is that water storage tanks are now made of plastic.

Plastic water storage tank has been a revolutionary change towards an easy and convenient method of storing water at home. However, over the course of time, even the best of the best malfunctions but plastic water tank repair is not a huge problem. There are many ways to cater to the water tank leakage solution, and in this article, we give you some of our best-kept secrets on plastic water tank repair at home.

The first and foremost thing that one needs to know is how to spot plastic water tank damage. 

  1. Cracks on the side and top of the water tank. 
  2. Loss of water pressure.
  3. Loss of water level without the use of water.
  4. Unpleasant odour from septic or fuel tank.
  5. Check for mushy ground around the tank. 

If your water storage tank is for drinking water, then it requires some additional things that one should be careful about. For example, spillage of chemicals into the contents over time. In a situation like this plastic water tank repair shouldn’t be considered, and the water tank should be replaced, completely.

Below are some things that you might need to fix water tank leakage solutions:

  1. Utility knife 
  2. Polyethylene welding rod (plastic tank repair epoxy)
  3. Plastic welding gun
  4. 1/8th-inch drill bit
  5. Drill
  6. Rag
  7. Abrasive rotary tooltip
  8. Rotary tool

Finally, here are the steps for plastic water tank repair at home:

Cleaning the plastic water storage tank

First, the water tank should be inspected if it’s clean from the inside and outside before starting any of the plastic water tank repairs. The tank should be cleaned from the outside as well using disinfectants. A clean tank will ensure that the repair project is carried out without any difficulties and additional labour later.

Drilling to fix cracks

Two holes need to be drilled, one at the top of the crack, and one at the bottom of the crack, to cater to water tank leakage solutions. These holes will stop the cracks from growing larger and reduce the structural pressure. Using the rotary tool tip, make a ½ inch cut parallel to the crack and make space for the welding rod, which will seal the crack that has occurred on the tank’s surface.

Epoxy carefully

Follow the instructions mentioned carefully while applying epoxy as a part of the plastic water tank repair. It is used mostly to cover small cracks, and the water storage tank should always be prescribed at a certain temperature. 

Use a welding rod to cover cracks

After the epoxy is completed properly, take the welding rod and make it into a point with the help of a utility knife. This is one of the most important stages of water tank leakage solutions. The welding rod is then put inside the welding gun. After this, as per the instructions of the welding gun, move the gun down across or down to the crack of the water storage tank. The epoxy has to be dried for at least an hour before starting the next step of the repair. 

Sand it down and paint!

Once the epoxy has dried up, sand it down gently to remove the rough edges created by the repair of the water storage tank. Now, use paint according to the colour of the water storage tank and paint on top of the former cracked part to conceal the repair marks. 

This is a perfect water tank leakage solution, however, once repaired, it can never go back to its original condition. Another important point to be aware of is that if the water tank had a crack due to pressure or heat problems, it’s best to get a new water storage tank. 


Mentioned above are some of the ways by which your water storage tank can be repaired at home easily. But if the problem still persists, an expert’s opinion should be taken, and the repairs should be done according to it. The expert might use the same tips as above, but their years of experience will definitely give the perfection the repair requires. 

We hope this article helped you.


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