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A Step-by-Step Guide to Water Tank Installation

“Every drop comes at a cost,
the cost of your time, and of course money!”

Do you know just by installing a water tank, you can save time & money?
Tank us later!

As huge as it looks, water tank installation is quite easy & essential; it ensures that you have an adequate supply of water. In simple terms, when you store more water, you pay fewer bills and you save the environment as well. A well-organized water tank installation can do wonders in the long run.

In this blog post, we will explore the key steps involved in water tank installation and offer tips for maximizing the benefits of your investment

Types of Storage Tanks for Water Tank Installation

Overhead Tank
One of the most common tanks used in every household. As it is, 

  • Placed at a height (majorly terrace)
  • Used to ensure sufficient amount of water supply
  • High power pumping motors are used to supply water to the tank
  • Used in homes for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing, etc.

Underground Water Storage Tanks
Often called UST, underground water storage tanks are generally used to store a large volume of water underground via large pipes & powerful motors. 

  • They are structurally strong
  • Comes with an airtight manhole cover assembly that prevents contaminants from flowing into the tank
  • Underground water tank installation is easy

Loft Tanks

A supplement to Overhead water tanks, Loft tanks are commonly used to store additional water apart from the central storage tanks. 

  • Loft water tank installation is done on the loft or indoors
  • Made up of HDPE & LLDPE
  • Isn’t easily corroded by water or other substances

Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide to Water Tank Installation

1. Choose Your Tank

It is important to know how much volume of water you want to store and which type of tank fits your budget. There are many types of water storage tanks available in the market but we suggest plastic water storage tanks.

2. Choose An Appropriate Location for Your Tank

  1. Before you start the process of water tank installation, an appropriate location to construct the tank base is necessary.
  • It should be in your building (flat)
  • Free from any hazards
  • Within easy reach of the water pump

Our recommendation: We recommend using Vectus T-base as it’s a modern, economical & easy to install base for water tank installation. It increases the life of the water tank as it provides a stronger foundation and prevents your tank from bacteria, erosion & slipping of the foundation.

3. Make Rainwater Connections

After preparing the tank base and fixing the location, some tanks may require you to cut through for inlet & outlet connections. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before starting the water tank installation to ensure there are no leaks.

4. Install the Tank and Pump It Up!

Once everything is done, connect the tank with your main water supply and a heavy motor to pump the water inside the tank. Make sure to install any necessary fittings and accessories, such as valves and gauges (if needed).

5. Maintain your Tank

After you are done with the water tank installation, it must be properly maintained in order for it to keep working efficiently. This could entail routinely inspecting the tank for leaks or damage, cleaning the tank to avoid the growth of silt or algae, and maintaining any pumps or other machinery that is used to transport water into and out of the tank.


Water tank installation is an investment which ensures that you won’t run out of water (if used efficiently). So make sure you,

  • Buy the best water storage tanks. We recommend to check out our link to know more about water storage tanks
  • Follow all the instructions told by the manufacturer
  • Implement the right measures to maintain your water tank for long-term use

Don’t worry Vectus has always got all your tank requirements when it comes to water tank installation.


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