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T Base

Tank Base

Vectus T- Base is a modern, economical, and easily install base for water storage tanks. T-Base provides stronger foundations and reduces the risk of erosion and the foundation slipping, It takes the tank slightly above the surface, making it easy to clean the space below the tank, hence stopping the growth of bacteria or algae around it. Being an even surface, Vectus T- Base increases the life of the tank.

Model No.  Outer Dia (mm)  Height (mm) Suitable for sizes 
TB-50  875 130 500, 550 Ltrs tank 
TB- 100 1090 165 700, 750, 1000, 1100 Ltrs Tank 
  • Uniform Base - Vectus T- base provides your tank uniform base which increases the life of the tank
  • Quick & easy installation - Vectus T- base is very easy to install, you just simply need to purchase it from the market and  put it under the tank which not only saves your time and human effort but cost too.  
  • Durable & lightweight - Being portable Vectus T -base is durable and light in weight. 
  • Heavy load-bearing capacity - Made up from top-notch quality material Vectus T- base can easily bear the load of the filled tank, it provides a stronger foundation and reduces the risk of erosion and foundation slipping.
  • Easy cleaning under tank - Cleaning under Vectus T-base is very easy as it takes the tank slightly above the surface. 

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