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Different Types of Pipe Fittings in Plumbing System

Pipe fittings might not get noticed much, but they are the backbone of every plumbing system, they make sure that fluids and gases flow seamlessly through plumbing systems. Be it a house or an industry, these fittings are like pieces of the puzzle that connect, redirect and manage the seamless movement of liquids, making them a most important part. In this blog, you’ll get to know pipe fittings better and explore their types, functions and uses.

Elbow Fittings :

Elbow fittings come into the action when your pipe needs to make twist turns. These fittings allow pipes to make smooth turns and are key architects of fluid pathways. You can find them in angles of 45 and 90 degrees, and they play a crucial role in plumbing, HVAC systems and industrial pipelines. Their clever design makes sure that fluid moves efficiently and keeps everything sturdy.

Tee Fittings : 

Picture the letter “T”, and this is how tee fittings look  like. These fittings have three openings and are perfect for connecting three pipes at right angles. These fittings are helpful when you need to split the flow into two lines or create new branches. You can find them doing their magic and keeping things linked in plumbing, irrigation , and industries.

Coupler Fittings :

Coupler Fittings help connect two pipes of the same sizes in a straight line. Be it threaded or welded, coupling fittings are the go-to for plumbing systems, fire sprinkles, and industrial setups. Their strength and reliability make sure that the fluid flowing in it won’t leak, even in the challenging times.

Union Fittings : 

This fitting comprises three parts: One is a central nut and the other two are the threaded ends. Union fittings make it simple to take pipes apart for maintenance without cutting or soldering them. In cases where gas lines and plumbings need a fix, these fittings play the hero.

Cross Fittings :

Imagine four pipes meeting at a circle and you’ve got cross fittings. Every time when the corners of four different pipes need to come together, cross fittings come to the rescue. Cross fittings can be found in fire sprinklers, heating and cooling systems, and various industries. They are like bridges, making sure fluids can smoothly travel through different paths and directions.

Reducer Fittings :

Sometimes pipes come in different sizes, that’s where reducer fittings step in to shine. Reducer fittings help in bridging the gap between pipes, featuring one larger and one smaller opening to ensure liquids flow smoothly. They can be found in ventilation ducts, plumbing systems, and industrial pipelines.

Cap Fittings :

Cap fittings work as the guardian of closure. They lock the ends of pipes to prevent the fluids and gases from escaping. Whether it’s in plumbing, heating, or industries, cap fittings ensure everything stays where it should. Their simple role helps in keeping systems safe and sound.

Conclusion :

Imagine plumbing systems as intricate puzzles. At the heart of these puzzles are the types of pipe fittings – the crucial pieces that hold everything together. From making turns with elbow fittings to sealing the deal with cap fittings, each type has a role in the dance of fluids and gases. When you need the right fittings for your plumbing needs, Vectus has got your back. With innovative solutions that stand the test of time, Vectus is your partner in creating smooth-flowing systems.


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