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Different Types of Water Storage Tanks and Water Tanks Price List

It comes as no surprise that many people want to know about the price of water tanks. There’s one constant thing that stays in our minds, and that is looking at water storage tanks with reasonable prices that match the top standards of quality. When it comes to potable water safety all the boxes need to be ticked off. Similarly, consumer recommendations matter as well. Vectus is certified ‘Superbrand’ in the water tanks category by the people of India. Let us explore a range of factors that affect water tank price:

1. Size: As it is understood, a smaller tank size made from the same material and from the same manufacturer will be cheaper than a bigger tank from the same range. However, it also does not imply that buying a 5,000-litre water tank would mean that you will pay an amount equivalent to five 1,000 litre tanks. The Ideal water tank can be judged according to the requirements. Therefore, size does affect the price of a water tank.

2. Material: The manufacturing process of the raw material as well as the various protective layers incorporated in the making of water tanks affect the price. Several layers of protection also increase the price of the tank. Vectus Water Tanks come with 3, 4, and 5 layers of protection. Anti-bacterial Microban layer, UV shield, outer titanium protection layer and RoHS compliant heavy metal free protection.  

3. Fittings and accessories: Several tanks have accessories that cater specifically to the tank’s needs. Adjustments or additional fittings/accessories as well as plumbing add to price. Vectus  lids of the tank are manufactured from roto-moulding technology which makes them durable and add extra protection to the tank, and hence add to the water tank price.

4. Warranty & Certifications: Certifications make a tank more consumer recommended. Vectus Granito, Cool, Safe, and more are certified with European Certification Standards which makes Vectus a highly recommended choice. Vectus water tanks come with 5 year guarantee. Let us explore different types of water storage tanks and water tanks price lists.

Vectus Water Tank
S.NOTank NameTank TypeWater Tank Price List
1Euro TankOverhead TankInquire Price 
2Vectus Mini TankOverhead TankInquire Price 
3Vectus GranitoOverhead TankInquire Price 
4Vectus CoolOverhead TankInquire Price 
5Vectus SafeOverhead TankInquire Price 
6Vectus Smart Tank Overhead TankInquire Price 
7Vectus ISI TankOverhead TankInquire Price 
8Vectus NextOverhead TankInquire Price 
9Vectus SilkOverhead TankInquire Price 
10Ganga GranitoOverhead TankInquire Price 
11Ganga CoolOverhead TankInquire Price 
12Ganga HealthOverhead TankInquire Price 
13Ganga RotoOverhead TankInquire Price 
14Ganga Pro TankOverhead TankInquire Price 
15Ganga ISI TankOverhead TankInquire Price 
16Ganga For LifeOverhead TankInquire Price 
17Ganga SilkOverhead TankInquire Price 
18Waterwell GranitoOverhead TankInquire Price 
19Waterwell  HealthOverhead TankInquire Price 
20Waterwell ItalianOverhead TankInquire Price 
21Waterwell ProOverhead TankInquire Price 
22Waterwell  ISIOverhead TankInquire Price 
23Waterwell WonderOverhead TankInquire Price 
24Waterwell SilkOverhead TankInquire Price 
25Underground TankUnderground TankInquire Price 
26Loft TankLoft TankInquire Price 

Taking all factors in mind, choose a water tank that safeguards the water against bacteria, environmental changes and also meets your price range as well. Visit Vectus and understand the nits and grits of tanks according to your requirements.


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