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Agri Piping System

Agriculture PVC Pipes & Fittings

With a large chunk of our economy thriving on agriculture, it goes without saying that we need to take whatever steps we can to ensure that the infrastructure and the equipment used for the same is of top-notch quality. In the sector of agriculture, PVC pipes play a vital role in transportation, storage of water, irrigation, and hydroponic systems. What's interesting is that these agriculture pipes and fittings can be used both for potable as well as non-potable uses.

In its product array, Wavin Vectus manufactures Pressure Plus Pipes (Agriculture PVC Pipes) using world-class uPVC material, which is achieved by unplasticized PVC material, to get more strength and stiffness. The material used for producing Agriculture PVC Pipes is stable under UV radiation and also has a high resistance to corrosion, which makes these pipes ideal for use in Agricultural or any outdoor operations.

Agriculture PVC Pipe

Wavin Vectus Pressure Plus Pipes (Agriculture Pipes) are manufactured in accordance with IS 4985, covering the range from 20 mm to 250 mm in pressure ratings of 2.5, 4, 6 & 10 Kg/cm2. The moulded fittings are manufactured as per IS 7834  and the fabricated fittings are as per IS 10124. Selfit pipes are supplied in a standard length of 6 meters exclusive of the socket portion.

But why PVC? 

Farms are a space rife with pesticides and fertilizers which can easily reshape and degrade a pipe that is low on strength, quality, and resistance. Therefore, they needs nothing but the best agriculture pipes manufacturer. Fortunately, Wavin Vectus PVC Agri Pipes are the best agriculture PVC pipes in India. These agriculture PVC pipes are durable, have a long life span, and are super value for money. When you compare these agriculture pipes and fittings with a metal pipe, the PVC pipe can be bought at a fraction of the cost. You can even customize the PVC Agri pipes as per your need and you won't face any issues with burying your pipe since they feature great crush resistance. It can deal with pressure and unexpected weight obviously superior to polyethylene or "poly" pipe, which is delicate and adaptable. PVC pipes have a smooth lining. This ensures that water moves freely to its destination without facing any blockages, unlike pipes that are made of materials like copper and clay.


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Benefits of Wavin Vectus Agriculture PVC Pipes & Fittings- 

  • Lightweight and affordable:- Wavin Vectus Agriculture Pipes and Fittings are lightweight, easy to install and value for money.
  • Chemical Resistant:- Wavin Vectus Agriculture pipes are all-weather friendly, corrosion and rust-resistant as well.
  • Extreme Durability:- Wavin Vectus Agri PVC pipes and fittings are tough, durable and can manage high water pressure and withstand external weight.
  • High Quality and Performance:- We understand the concern of the farmers and their need for an efficient irrigation system. Every Agricultural PVC Pipe and Fitting product available with us has been manufactured adhering to the standards that guarantee high quality and performance at its best.
  • AGRI Selfit sockets are formed with high precision on specially developed sophisticated machines.
  • 50% saving in installation time and expenses, as compared with plain-ended pipes and loose couplers.
  • The requirement of Solvent Cement for a pipeline is reduced by almost 50%.

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