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Tips for Maintaining Your Water Tank

Buying a high-quality tank is a great investment but it’s just the beginning of your journey to ensure that safe, clean water flows through your pipes and reaches your kitchen and bathroom taps. These tanks are usually built to last in extreme environments and temperatures, yet some last only a few years where others last for decades. The difference? Performing regular maintenance of the tank. This regular maintenance will not only ensure that your water tank has a long life but also assure you that the water contained is healthy for consumption. 

Here are some essential Water Tank Maintenance tips for you to follow to get the best of out of your Water Tank: 

Routine Checks

A good practice would be to check your overhead water tank once every month. Check to make sure that no light or dust can enter the water tank by making sure all gaps and openings are covered and the tank is sealed tightly. Take this moment to remove any debris or dust that might have accumulated on the top of the water tank. While you are at it do a 360-degree roundabout screening for any external damage, detecting cracks, corrosion and deterioration, spotting this early will help you repair or seal them to prevent long term damage that could be expensive. 

Check for Sediments

One common issue with water tanks is sediment build-up that further leads to mosquito infestations and algae growth. These sediments and sludge that settle at the bottom end up being fertile ground for the growth of unhealthy bacteria that can be harmful if not taken care of.  You can also use bleach to kill the existing algae and prevent the growth of fresh ones. An opaque tank will automatically eliminate algae, as they can’t grow without sunlight which they require to perform photosynthesis. To maintain the quality of the tank and the water inside, it is advisable to undertake full cleaning of the tank once a month.

Drain & Disinfect 

Lastly, it is advisable to thoroughly drain, clean and disinfect the tank at least once a year. By the end of summer to be precise, so that it’s easier to dry the tank after cleaning.                                  Once the water tank has been drained it is recommended to scrub the walls and bottom of the tank with a mixture of bleach and water to get rid of the stagnant sludge. Rinse the insides of the tank with clean water using a high-pressure water spray, or if such equipment is not available, fill the bleach scrubbed tank with warm water and let it stand for a few hours before draining it out. It is crucial to sanitize the water tank to ensure that it is decontaminated and rid of all microscopic germs. This can be achieved by filling the water tank with a disinfectant liquid such as chlorine. And after waiting 30 mins draining and rinsing it, before putting it back to use.


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