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Let’s understand the difference between plastic water tanks vs steel water tanks

Water is crucial for any living organism and water storage tanks play an important role in safeguarding and storing them. In India, the current heatwave is taking a toll on water protection, thus having the right water storage tank is of utmost necessity. To tackle the rising temperature along with harmful UV rays, you need a water tank that can shield your stored water and keep your family healthy. Many people have resorted to using plastic water tanks but steel water tanks are still prevalent in some households. But what we need is to identify the fitting water storage tank that caters to every problem that comes across with water storage.

Having the right knowledge about water tanks will also help you understand why Vectus is one of the most preferred brands in India. While choosing a water tank you must consider its quality, capacity, price range, and many other factors. In this blog, He will help you understand the deciding factors in choosing the perfect water storage companion for your usage.

1. Quality

Water storage tanks store the most important elixir of life, and it is a must to go for water tank that is adequate of high-grade material, so it keeps your water protected from harmful bacteria. During summers, plastic tanks provide better insulation properties than steel tanks, helping to maintain the temperature of the stored water more effectively, whereas steel tanks tend to retain more heat.

2. Cost Effectiveness

Budget is one of the most relevant factors when purchasing a water storage tank. If you opt for a steel water storage tank you might be paying additional and may not receive complete benefits like UV protection, temperature control, suitable designs and colours,  etc. On the other hand, if you go for a plastic water tank you not only save money but also get a quality product. Water storage tanks are cost-effective since they are crafted using plastic and the manufacturing process is also less tedious.

3. Low Maintenance

Made using HDPE or LLDPE  material, plastic water tanks are corrosion-resistant. They require minimal maintenance as they can be cleaned without any harsh chemicals. This helps in maintaining the quality & durability of the tank for years. When it comes to steel water tanks, they require timely galvanization and other chemical treatments so that rust does not affect its body. This drawback of steel water tanks makes the maintenance process also very costly and tedious.

4. Lightweight

Plastic water tanks are extremely lightweight and can be easily carried to the installation location. One can also get a Vectus T-base to get a smooth and plain surface to place the water tank. Vectus T-base can be used in both, household and commercial setups and make the installation process extremely comfortable. If you choose a steel water tank, you will go through a much heavier and more difficult installation process since its body is made up of metal and hence would require loads of manpower to get carried.

5. Variety of Sizes and Shapes

Every household and commercial place has its specific water requirements. This is why one should go  for a brand that offers an extensive range of water capacity. Plastic water tank brands offer a good capacity range but on the other hand, steel water tanks have constricted range and might not cater to those who require storage up to 200 to 400 liters.

What Makes Vectus Tanks Special?

Vectus is one of the leading brands that provides extensive solutions for water management. It has been in the industry for 30 years and has been one of the most preferred brands for its highly durable and good quality plastic that is well-fitted for household as well as commercial purposes.

Multi-layered Tanks:

Vectus water tanks are crafted using cutting-edge technology and consist of up to 3-6 protective layers like UV reflective layer that protects water from harmful rays, foam layers that maintain the temperature of the stored water, titanium layer that gives strength & durability to the tank, heat reflective shield that protects the tank from heat absorption & much more.

Food-Grade Plastic:

Safety is paramount, especially for household water storage. Many Vectus tanks are made from food-grade plastic, and are RoHS ( Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) certified, which is In accordance with the European Union. This ensures that the stored water remains safe and the plastic doesn’t release any sort of toxins.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology:

Vectus water storage tanks are crafted using cutting-edge technology that makes sure that the tank lasts long and remains in good condition for years. They use techniques like blow moulding and roto moulding to give strength & improve the lifespan of the tanks, making them a trusted choice for households.

Good Water Storage Capacity:

Vectus plastic water tanks come in various sizes and capacities, ranging from 200 to 10000 liters. This huge capacity range allows the customer to have the perfect tank size as per the needs of their family, industrial application, and other commercial uses.

Multiple Design Options:

Vectus plastic water tanks offer an array of colour options that add to the aesthetic appeal of the tank, and make it pop up in any surrounding. From ruby, titanium white, emerald green, yellow, and blue, Vectus has many unconventional and contemporary choices for customers. The colours are well-complemented with the functionality they offer.


In conclusion, plastic water tanks are a superior choice for households than steel water tanks. Their cost-effectiveness, superior quality, high durability, ease of installation, and low maintenance make them the best water storage pick in India, where there is huge diversity in wants, needs, and even location. Bring home Vectus, and keep your family protected from UV protection and bacteria always.


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