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What are the Benefits of Vectus Overhead Tanks in Summer?

By now you must be aware of the kind of summers India has to endure, a truly excruciating one. The temperature shows no mercy, and you’re bound to spend maximum time at home! But can you imagine what your overhead tanks storing water go through in this scorching heat? If not a good quality tank, your stored water can get hampered very easily and even the durability of your water storage tanks will be compromised.

It is imperative to have a thorough understanding of the available tanks for water storage in the market. One must do research about the benefits, quality, price range, capacity range, etc., to make the right decision. If you are new to purchasing water tanks or the water storage industry, then you must know about Vectus and how it has made a mark for 30+ years. Vectus is one of the leading water tank manufacturers in India and has been serving more than 10 million customers all over the country. From water storage tanks, bathware accessories, household plastics, and gardening to road safety products!

Come, let’s dive deep into the features & benefits that Vectus Tanks have, and understand how they are the safest pick during summer.

1. Vectus Tanks Are Multi-Layered

Vectus tanks are engineered to safeguard your water and keep it pure and safe. The overhead tanks have up to 6 layers of protection that keep water safe from heat, bacteria & other contaminants.

Layer 1: Anti-Microbial Layer

Ensures complete water safety and safety from contamination by harmful germs & microorganisms

Layers 2 & 3: Foam Layers

Vectus offers a variety of water tanks with advanced temperature control features. Tanks like Vectus Granito and Vectus Euro feature a Double Temperature Control PU Foam layer. Other models such as Vectus Cool and Vectus Safe are equipped with a single Temperature Control PU Foam layer. These foam layers are strategically placed with 1-2 layers in between them for optimal insulation.

The Temperature Control PU Foam layer helps maintain stable water temperatures regardless of external conditions. Whether you live in a hot and humid climate or a cold and dry region, your water temperature remains consistently comfortable.

Vectus provides a wide range of tanks designed to cater to different insulation needs, including the Vectus Euro, Granito, Cool, and others, all featuring advanced temperature control technology.

Layer 4: UV Sun-Shield Layer

Just like you wouldn’t go in the sun without wearing sunscreen, similarly, your tanks for water storage must not be without a sun-shield. The UV sun-shield in Vectus overhead tanks helps create a boundary between the sun & water, and thus preserving the water quality & integrity.

Layer 5: Titanium-Enhanced Layer

The presence of titanium gives strength, longevity & durability to the water storage tanks. In some Vectus tanks, the titanium also gives whiteness, adding to its immaculate aesthetic appeal.

Layer 6: Elegant Granite Finish (Only in Vectus Granito)

If you check with other brands dealing in water storage tanks, you’ll find most of them ordinary but with an exorbitant price tag. Whereas Vectus Granito tanks are known to have a premium & luxurious aesthetic. Its outer granite-like layer gives a striking and attention-grabbing appearance in an affordable price range.

2. Vectus Tanks Offer A Wide Range Of Water Storage Capacities

Overhead tanks are the only source of having a clean & continuous flow of water at home for a family. Water usage tends to increase during summertime. One might bathe twice a day, wash their face more than regularly and similarly consume a decent amount of water. Thus, having a good capacity tank is absolutely essential, especially during summer. Vectus water storage tanks have a capacity ranging from 200 liters up to 10,000 liters. So whether you’re a small or a joint family, you can choose the tank that meets your family’s water usage.

3. Vectus Tanks Are Crafted Using State-of-the-Art Technology

Vectus water tanks are manufactured using two advanced technologies: Blow Moulding and Roto Moulding.

Blow Moulding Technology is a plastic-forming process that produces hollow plastic products from thermoplastic materials. This method is extensively used in the manufacturing of water storage tanks due to its flexibility in design and efficiency.

Roto Moulding Technology involves a heated hollow mould filled with a material charge. The mould rotates continuously to ensure uniform thickness and prevent sagging, resulting in durable and robust tanks.

At Vectus, our differentiation lies in our commitment to quality and safety. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled in-house engineers ensure precision throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing reliable and high-performance water storage solutions.

4. Vectus Tanks Are Loved by India

Vectus has been in the industry for over 30 years now and has been winning the hearts of many Indians since. Vectus is Superbrands-certified, and NSF-certified, and also has maintained European standards on many tanks in their range which are also heavy metal free (RoHS certified). 

From having a great colour profile to a strong interior body, Vectus has been a mass favourite because of its availability in varied colours without compromising the quality. Vectus tanks are an all-season pick no matter where you live in India. 


Bring home Vectus overhead tanks, and redefine the water storage system for your family. Vectus has been continuously running tests and quality control measures to ensure the tanks are always durable and made to cater to the Indian audience. Talk to a Vectus representative to know more.


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