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How To Repair Plastic Water Storage Tank At Home

Water is life and the utmost necessity in everyone’s day-to-day activities. It would be safe to say that the world might stop any day without water. To store and save water, people are trying different ways. One of the most convenient and easy ways is to use a water storage tank. A water storage tank … Read more

How to Reduce the Wastage of Water at Home?

Water is essential for mankind, yet it is one of the most misused & wasted resources. Even though water covers about 71% of the earth, it is still inaccessible to many. Water wastage is a major crisis in the world, and the reasons are innumerable. It could be a leaky pipe, improper water management & … Read more

Go Green & Save Bills: Ways To Practice Efficient Plumbing

For a sustainable future, it’s important to incorporate green technologies and methods in our daily lives. To adopt a greener lifestyle, control & proper management of water are highly important. Water is an essential resource of this planet, and yet highly mismanaged and wasted. Around 1% of potable water is left, and the population is … Read more

How to Maintain Toilet Hygiene in 11 Simple Ways

Proper sanitation is a must to maintain good hygiene & health. One has to be consistent to ensure protection from infections and the spreading of germs. These germs are the root cause of dangerous illnesses that can put your health at risk. Generally, people assume that flushing the toilet & quick hand washing is the … Read more

Easy Ways to Increase Water Pressure at Home

Plumbing Pipes

Changes in shower & tap water pressure can happen over a period of time. This can make homely chores take forever to finish. Low water pressure is a common problem in many Indian households. It can take unusually long hours to simply fill a bucket or cause dribbling water from a shower which can be … Read more

Which pipe is better: UPVC or CPVC?

PVC-based thermoplastic pipes and fittings are widely used in the plumbing industry worldwide. These pipes are further categorized into several categories based on the different variants of PVC material used in the manufacturing process. The two of the most commonly used PVC variants are uPVC and CPVC. In this article, we will discuss what are … Read more

What Is the Difference Between PVC and SWR Pipe?

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) based pipes and fittings are widely used in the plumbing industry for several applications. Different types of PVC pipes are used for different purposes, from potable water transfer in household and commercial setups to the transfer of wastewater. Let’s learn the difference between PVC and SWR pipes. PVC pipes PVC pipes define … Read more

What Type of Pipe Is Used for Underground Drainage?

An underground drainage system is installed to collect the excess wastewater and transfer it using underground pipes to an open-water disposal source. Different materials are used to manufacture an underground drainage pipe depending on the application and the area of installation. Let’s look at the different types of pipes used for underground drainage: Metal Drainage … Read more

UPVC Pipe & CPVC Pipe: Difference, Features, and Benefits

Looking back a few decades, plastic-based pipes have quickly become the preferred choice for various plumbing applications. One of the standout varieties of plastic pipes and fittings is Polyvinyl Chloride.  Additionally, PVC pipes are further available in different variants, out of which, CPVC and UPVC are two of the most widely used types of plastic … Read more

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