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Wavin Vectus Column Pipes

Column Pipes

Column pipes are needed to extract water from the ground and directly connect to a submersible pump. Column pipes are great to conserve water. Column pipes are most useful to farmers as it prevents leakage and water run-off. These pipes keep the water and soil nutrition as well as the structure intact. Column pipes reduce electricity cost as they consume less water and in turn reduce the energy required for plumping water. Unlike metal pipes,Wavin Vectus Column pipes are way more economical, which makes farmers’ ultimate choice.

Wavin Vectus Column Pipes are made from strong uPVC material which makes these pipes ideal for handling water under high pressure. The pipes are available in the Socket and Belling type. One of the ends has a female socket and the other has threads. Therefore, Wavin Vectus Column Pipes do not require any fittings.

Wavin Vectus is the best uPVC pipes manufacturer in India. The fittings are manufactured using world-class raw material and technology. Wavin Vectus Column Pipes are used in irrigation, domestic use and industrial mining. The inner surface of Wavin Vectus column pipes is very smooth, it doesn't let the water put pressure on the joints, hence these pipes are also known as Pressure Pipes. When the inner surface of the column pipe is smooth, the water flows without any interruptions and avoids clogging inside the system. By providing smooth internal surface finish to the pipes, we are able to reduce the hydraulic friction losses which leads to an increased flow of water.

These pipes have removable round threads and square threads made by automatic CNC machines that benefit easy pipe fitting during the installation process with improved load-bearing capacity. These pipes have super durability because of high tensile strength. uPVC Column pipes are lead-free and heavy metal free. Due to the ability of uPVC pipe to withstand extreme movement and bending, it is also readily used in earthquake-prone areas. It can withstand rigorous shaking without any damage.

Wavin Vectus Column pipes have specially designed rubber rings that ensure leak-proof joints. These pipes have a unique locking ring that adds extra safety for the pump. Wavin Vectus UPVC column pipes are an ideal replacement of GI /HDPE Pipes. Column pipes have a longer operational life and require minimal maintenance costs throughout as they are manufactured under stringent quality checks.

Wavin Vectus Column pipes are the perfect choice for industrial applications as well, these pipes when subjected to harsh environmental conditions, perform exceptionally well as they are incredibly durable with high tensile strength.

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  • Unique Locking Ring for extra pump safety
  • Specially designed rubber rings to ensure leak- proof joints
  • Remove round threads
  • Square threads made by automatic CNC machines benefits easy pipe fitting during installation process with improved load -bearing capacity
  • Wavin Vectus UPVC column pipes are best replacement of GI /HDPE Pipes


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