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As the name itself suggests, Loft water tanks are ideal for installation on lofts or indoor construction. These tanks provide the supplementary water supply apart from the central storage tank, usually the overhead water tank. These tanks are made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). When these are made by Roto moulding then the material used is LLDPE and when the process of blow moulding is applied, the material used is HDPE. The material used in these water tanks makes them resistant to corrosion from water and other agents, and these also provide a chemically inactive and safe storage medium. 

Loft tanks are manufactured using the Blow Moulding and Roto Moulding process in which hollow plastic objects are formed. The Roto moulding method helps obtain a homogenous thickness of the material in the walls of the tanks, and the blow moulding and the roto moulding both help to agglutinate the material.

Loft Water Tanks

Loft tanks are specifically designed and manufactured for Kitchen and Household purposes. They are rectangular in shape and can be easily accommodated in kitchens and other places. For domestic purposes, these tanks are considered useful and efficient in an industrial setup because of their corrosion-resistant and chemically inactive nature. The tanks can be used to store chemicals, acidified water, or various other reagents of the sort. 

The Loft water tanks provided by Vectus include the product range with Vectus, Ganga, and Waterwell. These are available in two sections of blow moulded loft water tanks and  Roto moulded loft tanks. The storage capacity of these tanks varies, ranging from 100 to 500 litres.

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  • High-Quality Material: Vectus Loft water tanks are manufactured using virgin raw material (non-recycled material). This provides impurity-free manufacturing material, which leads to durable finished products.
  • Varied Usability: These loft water tanks have been designed for household and industrial purposes.
  • Ease of Usability: Vectus, Ganga, and Waterwell loft tanks are all light in weight yet super strong. Each of them is easy to install and maintain.
    • Non-Toxic, Non Carcinogenic: Vectus takes special care that these tanks are made up of non-toxic and non-carcinogenic in nature. These are food grade plastics considered safe to the extent where you can store drinking water in these tanks. 
  • Safety Compliant: The products are ISO 9001 Certified.  





Blow Mould Lofts Tanks 
Capacity (Litres) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Manhole Dia (mm)
100 780 535 280 268
200 955 655 380 268
300 1110 750 420 268
500 1355 950 460 268

Roto Mould Loft Tanks 

Capacity (Litres) Length (mm) Height (mm) Manhole Dia (mm)
100 545 410 300
150 610 470 300
200 885 470 300
225 895 440 300
300 1080 390 300
400 1210 460 300
500 1410 410 300

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