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Barricades & Traffic Cones

Vectus Road safety Products

Witnessing rapid growth, improvement in the road infrastructure, and the rising need for public security and road safety, Vectus has taken a step to enter into the road safety range. Traffic Barricades range includes equipment that are designed to prevent and reduce the risk of accidents, curb errant vehicles movement, and ensure a safe commute for every individual.

Restrict vehicular and pedestrian traffic with our wide range of interlocking fence barricades, the vertical, oval barricading system available in different shapes and sizes with the maximum quantity of water ballast.

Traffic cones are designed in such a way that they should be highly visible from far, cones with a reflective tape attached to it maximize their visibility in the dark, they come in different sizes as per their usage.



  • High Impact resistant, long- lasting colours, UV Stabilized PE Barriers.
  • Extremely easy to set up and remove.
  • Interlocking barriers enables continuous lines 
  • Provision to put reflective markers/tapes
  • Quick setup and Knockdown.
  • Perfect for demarcating traffic flow.

Vectus Fence With Stand

Vectus Barrier 6 Vertical

Vectus Barrier 2 Oval

Vectus Barrier Pyramid

Vectus Pyramid With Connector

Parking Cones

Parking Cones RM

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