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Vectus uPVC Underground Drainage Pipes

UPVC Underground Drainage Pipes

An underground drainage system is the perfect solution for collecting excess water and transporting it via underground pipes to a suitable waste water disposal area. An underground drainage system ensures that wastewater is flushed out of the site which further reduces the risk of contamination of water.

Vectus offers the best Underground Drainage Pipes. Our UPVC Pipes are manufactured according to IS standard – 15328 with ISI Mark CM/L- 8300133310. Vectus Underground Drainage Pipes are made up of unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride and are intended for underground non- pressure gravity drain and sewer applications for transportation of soil and waste discharge of domestic origin, surface water, and industrial effluent and useful in both domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Vectus is the best Underground Drainage Pipe manufacturer in the country. Our pipes are affordable and comparatively lighter yet stronger than other PVC pipes/Concrete pipes of similar stiffness with equivalent load-carrying capacity. Vectus Underground Drainage Pipes are lightweight yet super strong. These pipes require minimum maintenance and enjoy a long life. Vectus Underground Drainage Pipes are compatible with other drainage systems and have a very easy underground installation process.

Vectus Underground Drainage Pipes are designed for underground non-pressure applications. They are economical yet durable. They have a lower installation & maintenance cost as compared to conventional pipes.

A functional drainage system is responsible for disposing hazardous waste which is essential to maintain the hygiene of your home. Vectus Underground Drainage Pipes are hygienic and leak proof. Underground Drainage pipes are an ideal match for your gardens as well, they ensure that no water drains into your garden, keeping it safe and healthy. With an open drainage system, rainwater tends to create pools in the garden which later turns into a muddy mass.

Vectus Underground Drainage Pipes also remove toxic materials and disease organisms by draining them away through the channels.

An open drainage system can look unpleasant and spoil the overall look of your home. The layout of underground drains is rather less standardized than that of above-ground soil and waste pipes, and because it is underground, it is difficult to trace, keeping the look of your house intact.

Vectus Underground Drainage Pipes are available in a wide range.The available range of pipes varies from 63mm to 315 mm sizes.

Note :- ** 315 mm size can be supplied against the order with a lead time of 1 month

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  • Light Yet strong 
  • Leak Proof Joints
  • Long Life 
  • Minimum Maintenance 
  • Compatible with other drainage system 
  • Easy for underground Installation
  • Economical yet Durable 

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