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Key Considerations for Long-lasting Plastic Tanks

Whether used domestically or commercially, there wasn’t a time when plastic tanks were not important. As the uses and expenses of water tanks have heightened, the need to choose durable plastic tanks have become an important part of the play. But barely making investments in one is not enough, you may also require some amount of knowledge to efficiently manage the tanks placed in your home, workplace, society, etc. To begin with, let’s understand the factors that contribute to the durability of plastic tanks.

1. Material and it’s Quality

Water tanks may be made of concrete, metal and plastic. Amongst the various options, plastic comes across as the most advantageous because of its — availability, affordability and ability to clean it. Because it is made of polyethylene, it is non-corrosive unlike metal and concrete. Another perk of plastic as a water tank material is that it is comparatively lightweight and could be handled by manageable manpower. As plastic tanks are made of UV-stabilised polymer, the amount of depreciation from UV rays is eliminated. Therefore, investing in a good quality plastic tank can save your future expenses and time in the long run.

2. Kind of Usage

“It’s not only the quality of the vessel, but what’s in the vessel that affects it.” Similarly, water tank material is not the only factor to consider; the kind of liquid or chemical stored in the tank also affects its rate of depreciation. A good quality plastic tank that stores clean and pure water can last up to two decades. However, a tank storing salty and impure water may lose its durability more quickly. Regular cleaning of the tank can also protect the water from contamination, thereby preventing further damage to the tank.

3. Location of the Tank

The place where the tank is situated also affects its longevity. If the tank is under direct sunlight, then its walls and quality may damage faster. This happens because pollutants and algae start forming inside the tank, which calls for immediate cleaning. For this, planning beforehand is necessary. When installing the plastic water tank, make sure to situate it in a location where it can be easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

4. Thickness and Structural Design

The durability of a tank also depends on its thickness. Thick tank walls provide power to the tank, preventing easy cracking and leaking. Moreover, the structural design also plays an important role in the tank’s durability. The way the tank is constructed, including load distribution and reinforcement, can effectively endure external pressure and forces.


After going through all the factors stated above, you may now have enough clarity on the factors you should consider in water tanks. We, Vectus, a trusted brand, offer the safest and most helpful plastic tanks. So, without further ado, choose Vectus for reliable and durable plastic water tanks. Contact us today to find your nearest supplier and ensure a seamless water storage solution for your needs.


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