Tank Base: The Game-Changing Innovation For Your Water Storage Tanks

It is common to find cement bases or foundations built for overhead water storage tanks. This traditional approach was used for decades to provide a base to increase the efficiency of the tanks. However, hours of manual labor are exhausted in building a cement base, its lack of uniformity and inevitable cracks make it a cumbersome … Read more

Plant Obsession 101: Choose The Right Planters

It’s time to add a fresh vibe, and colour to your living space with plants! Plants are typically easy to maintain, add colour and beauty to a space and are known to reduce stress. Be it outdoor gardening or indoor houseplants, the level of difficulty which comes in managing a plant varies. Not everyone enjoys … Read more

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Water Tank

Vectus Water Storage Tanks

Water is essential in our lives, and it is important to choose a tank that is strong and durable to keep the water safe from bacteria and environmental conditions.  Vectus Industries is a consumer validated ‘Superbrand’ in the water storage tanks segment. Let us explore in depth, some pointers to keep in mind. 1. Shape … Read more

What Unknown Threats Can Endanger Your Water Tanks?

Water Storage Tanks

When it comes to water storage tanks, long life, strength and durability are the factors that are checked off initially. But as we deep dive into the nits and grits of what endangers the water tanks, many elements are ignored. It’s crucial to recognize and identify the problems that jeopardize the tank’s structure and life … Read more

DIY: How to Fix Basic Plumbing Issues At Home

Plumbing Issue at Home

With the advent of technology, we as individuals have increasingly become self-sufficient. If there is an intent to learn, there is no problem which doesn’t have a solution on the internet. Today, we are here to address a problem that is widely experienced in every household — issues arising out of plumbing pipes and fittings. … Read more

New plant parent? Here’s what you need to keep in mind!


Be it a dull and forgotten corner of your house or your mood hitting an all-time low, nothing like a breeze of fresh greens to invigorate and freshen it up! Having potted plants inside and around your house is known to rejuvenate you, besides giving you access to other tangible benefits like having in-house kitchen … Read more

The Importance of Efficient Waste Management

Waste management rules are based on the core principle of sustainable development. Municipalities and concerned authorities are mandated to take care that any practices they follow do not disrupt the sustainability factor. However, as more and more areas are being developed and urbanised, the country is facing a massive waste management challenge. Solid waste management … Read more

Best faucets to give a refreshing look to your bathroom

It’s good when you wind up your day by taking a warm soothing shower. Bathrooms are one of those important places in your household that deserve special attention. So, if you’re looking to purchase a new home, designing a bathroom might be your top priority or even if you’re just getting your home renovated. We’ve … Read more

Concrete v/s Plastic – Which Water Tank Should You Prefer?

Concrete v/s Plastic - Which Water Tank Should You Prefer?

Clean and hygienic 24×7 water supply is a bare minimum need of every household. This makes a water storage tank a key essential which every family needs to figure the nitty-gritties of—how durable, safe, eco-friendly, convenient along with a host of other parameters, it is. While there are majorly four types of overhead water storage … Read more

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