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Silk Series

With the belief in constant Innovation and to keep up with the changing society Vectus has entered into the Bath Accessories Range, we are offering a wide and comprehensive range of PTMT Taps silk series that suit all needs. These products are developed with worldwide quality standards utilizing the highest quality standards inputs and innovative technology. PTMT plastic taps are made from Polytetra Methylene Terephthalate (PTMT). The material was launched in India in the last decade, and since then, it has grown into the most preferred material for plastic taps and sanitary materials. The major benefit of PTMT is that it combines the advantages of both plastics and metals. It is considered an engineered plastic; thus, it offers a lot of benefits in terms of durability and function of the material.

PTMT provides the products with a glossy finish; thus, apart from being durable, it also gives the product a superior finish. The material can be easily cleaned using detergents or soaps. The material resists environmental stress, and thus, PTMT plastic taps and PTMT fittings do not develop cracks, and the hardness of the material resists scratches. The material is anti-static as well, which prevents the deposition of dust particles on it.

PTMT Plastic Tap

These PTMT plastic tap - silk series also have a lower resale value that prevents the theft of the material for remoulding. Thus, these plastic taps are ideal for installation in public places.

Vectus is the best PTMT taps manufacturer that provides excellent designs and variable options in the section of plastic bibcock. Bib Cocks are a class of faucets that are usually installed in a sink-like arrangement, and with further improvement in designs, they are currently being used in washroom and shower fittings.

Vectus is the best PTMT taps manufacturer that brings to you a wide range of plastic taps after extensive research on material and design. The brand aims to provide the best plastic bibcock with an ergonomic design to ensure the best functionality for the users.

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Vectus Silk Series Brochure

Silk Series


  • High Performance: The range of plastic bibcocks provided by Vectus has been made using tested material which provides the user high performance in terms of durability and ease of operation. 
  • Less Maintenance: PTMT taps- silk series by Vectus are those plastic taps in the market that require the least maintenance.
  • Long Functional Life: Due to the durability of the material and low maintenance, the products have a long functional life.
  • Beautiful Designs: The products are available in beautiful ivory shades and a  functional design for various requirements. 



Vectus is offering a wide range of PTMT Taps that can be used in homes, hotels, and industries. PTMT Taps are quality approved product by professionals and has been tested on various quality parameters before getting registered as a quality approved product.


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