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What Unknown Threats Can Endanger Your Water Tanks?

When it comes to water storage tanks, long life, strength and durability are the factors that are checked off initially. But as we deep dive into the nits and grits of what endangers the water tanks, many elements are ignored. It’s crucial to recognize and identify the problems that jeopardize the tank’s structure and life expectancy. It is necessary to choose a tank that is protected from a number of dangers that reduce the tank’s quality and endanger the quality of water, which ultimately affects human health. Many brands have a water tank price list that seems expensive and prompts one to think about the benefits. Many times, these benefits don’t match with the water tank price list that the brand offers. So when it comes to choosing a tank, consider the benefits and qualities the brand offers.

Both the interior and exterior of the tank have to be safeguarded against many threats, ranging from bacteria to pollution. Let us explore them in detail to recognize and choose better alternatives.  

Does it look good on the inside? 

Many threats exist inside the water which is not often seen or caught by the human eye. Additionally, these threats cannot be tasted or smelled. Microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, harmful metals, hardness of water and many more affect the quality of water which makes the water harmful for human consumption, thereby resulting in a number of serious diseases.

Bacteria or microorganisms in the water contaminate the water which results in disorders and illnesses like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, etc. Therefore the risk of consuming these bacteria results in health problems. Moreover, it also affects the functionality of the tank and increases the cost of maintenance. Bacteria destroys the plastic of the water tanks, and as a result, the quality of the product deteriorates. Bad odour, soiling, and staining of the tank soon follow suit. It is imperative to choose a tank that produces the water from bacteria. Microban technology used in certain Vectus water tanks ensures that the water is safe and protected from bacteria, keeps the tank cleaner, fresher, and durable by protecting the tank surface and gives long-term protection against bacteria. Vectus tanks with Microban Anti-Bacterial layers have been designed keeping in mind health and water purity. The water tank price differs according to the benefits of the tanks. Choose quality over quantity that protects your family.

Vectus Tanks

Additionally, various pigments used in the making of water storage tanks are extracted naturally and usually contain traces of hazardous heavy metals which are often unsafe for human consumption. This makes the water toxic and causes harm to the body. Vectus Safe, Euro, Cool and Granito water tanks are certified as per the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) as per European Standards. Choose a tank with European Standard certification of RoHS that protects the water, and health of your family.

Strong on the outside?  

Vectus Water Storage Tanks

The water tanks endure a lot when it comes to environmental factors or tampering by animals like monkeys or birds. Strong, durable quality material is essential to protect the tank from many existing threats.

Monkeys, birds, and cats battling with the overhead terrace tanks is not news to Indian households. Many times, tank covers are broken, opened, and contaminated by the animals. It is vital to choose heavy, strong lids that can resist the play of nature. Vectus water tanks have strong and solid threaded heavyweight lids which prevents the contamination of water from dust, pollution and protects the water from animals. Heavy winds and pollution are some of the elements that truly test a water tank. Strong, durable tanks protect the water from leakage as well. Vectus Euro, Safe, Cool and Granito have 4 layers of protection, including Microban and RoHS that protect a tank. The different technological innovations and benefits are not always heavy on the water tank prices. Choose a tank that can resist strong winds, rain, animals, and all the other elements of nature.

Overhead Tanks

One important and not well-known harmful threat is the sun’s UV rays. Sunlight can be considered a great disinfectant, with UV rays being a prominent natural phenomenon, consider choosing water tanks with an intermittent black color UV sun-shield protection layer that protects the tank, such as Vectus Granito, Vectus Cool, Vectus Safe and more.

The key is to identify and then act to prevent the harm that endangers the physical structure of water tanks, and the health of your family. Choose water tanks that ensure protection both on the inside and outside by exploring water storage solutions and piping systems which cater to these threats. Explore Vectus tanks with benefits and smart innovations that keeps the Vectus promise of 5 years of guarantee.


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