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Polyethylene Manhole

Polyethylene Manhole

Floteks Quality:  TS EN 13598-2
Floteks A.S.  Manufactures with the latest norms and quality criteria. All the tests for the products are performed with research and development (R&D) policy and Floteks Quality System. Floteks is unique in her ‘all under one roof ‘philosophy.
Floteks manufactures wide range of infrastructure products used in pipe or cable systems for inspection & maintenance services, connections in accordance with the latest standards.
SUBTERRA branded infrastructure products are qualified for the authoritative standard EN 13598-2.

Quality Certificates:
TS EN 13598-2

FLOTEKS SUBTERRA branded thermoplastic Underground Products, PE Manholes and Inspection Chambers are manufactured in accordance with authoritative standard EN 13598-2. SUBTERRAS branded infrastructure products are qualified for Class E – Areas of imposing high wheel loads, e.g. dock and aircraft pavements of EN 13598-2.

TS 1478 EN 124
FLOTEKS’ Polyethylene Cover series are qualified for Class A15 “Areas which can only be used by pedestrians and pedal cyclists” of EN 124 Standard.

TS EN ISO 9001:2008
TE EN ISO 14001


Polyethylene Manhole

 Concrete Thermoplastic
Water Tightness
Due to underground waters and chemicals concrete manhole get thinner in time and crack causing leakages. In Europe, Concrete manhole producers have started to cover the inside of cement manhole with plastic, in an attempt to lower inner corrosion. Resistance to water and chemicals is very high. Thermoplastic manholes will not leak, protection the environment
Compatibility with pipes
A connection between a concrete manhole and a pipe cannot be water tight. A plastic pipe and a plastic manhole can form a water tight connection
May be damaged by earthquakes May be damaged by earthquakes.
Due to its high weight, the manhole may crack or break while handling during transportation and assembly. The weight of a thermoplastic manhole is about 5% of a concrete manhole
Assembly Time
Assembly is long. Assembly is short
Short lifetime. Requires maintenance. Lifetime expectancy is 50 years. It will not require maintenance during this period.
Environment and Global Warming
A concrete manhole emits 33kgs of greenhouse gasses per year. This amount is increased to 423 kgs per year, if the manhole leaks. A plastic manhole emits about 2 kgs greenhouse gasses per year
Economic Outlook
Cheap at frst purchase. In time, cost rise due to assembly, maintenance and short lifetime. Seems expensive at frst purchase, but is cheaper in the long run with its superior attributes