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Composite Piping System

Composite Piping System

Technical specifications and features
Thermal conductivity: 0.45 w/m.k, about 1/100 than that of steel pipe, but only several times higher than that of insulating materials.

Corrosion resistance
The inside & outside polyethylene is a kind of symmetrical & non polar material with stable characteristic. At normal temperature, it does not dissolve in any solutions & it is resistant against various kinds of acid, alkali & salt.

Hygienic property
Vectus Compipe is hygienic, toxic free, rust free & resists growth of micro-organism. Thus the contamination to water is avoided. The pipe has passed the test of NSF 61 (USA) policy & received the approval of TZW Germany & WQC UK. As medical & oxygen supply pipe, it is absolutely safe & the purity of the media it carries is maintained at all

Burning resistance
The PE-AL-PE composite structure gives Vectus Compipe a much better burning resistance than that of all polyethylene pipes In the test, the burning resistance of Vectus Compipe reached grade BL of GB 8624 stipulations for Wire & cable conduit plastic materials.

Hydraulic function
The roughness coefficient of Vectus Compipe is 0.007 mm. The inside wall is very smooth, scale free & lowflowresistance.This makes it ideal for fluid carrying. Due to its hard but flexible composite structure, the Lashing pressure is quickly eliminated, thus no disturbing sound occurs.

Bendable but never springs backand does not deform under pressure. It can be directly installed up to 200 meters. Decreases Lots of fittings and attachments, is easy to install and saves a lots of installation time.

Coefficient of heat expansion
25 x 10"6 m/mk 1/8 th that of all polyethylene pipe almost the same as that of aluminium pipe.

Other advantages
The core Layer of aluminium guarantees static resistance, lightness and gas & oxygen tightness. It also ensures no growth of microorganism inside the pipe and ensures the safety in gas supply. Not effected by frost and its high thermal preservation saves energy thus enhancing the efficiency of the system.
Specification (mm) Minimum Brust Pressure (Mpa) Min. Pipe Ring Strength (N) Hydrostatic Pressure Test (Mpa) Working Pressure (Mpa) Working Temperature ºC
1014 7.0 2100 2.5 1.0 40 ~ 95
1216 6.0 2100 2.5 1.0 40 ~ 95
1620 5.0 2400 2.5 1.0 40 ~ 95
2025 4.0 2400 2.5 1.0 40 ~ 95
2532 4.0 2700 2.1 1.0 40 ~ 95
3240 4.0 2700 2.0 1.0 40 ~ 95

Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings

  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Brass Fittings

Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings

  • Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings
  • Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings
    Vectus Compipe Polymer Fittings

Composite Piping System

Excellent corrosion resistance
Vectus Compipe's plastic layers resist deterioration in aggressive water and hot soil environments. You can bury Vectus Compipe directly in the ground or encase it in concrete without additional protection.

Permeation barrier
Unlike plastic water service tubes Vectus Compipe's aluminium core provides a 100% permeation barrier against ground source contaminants Like fertilizer pesticides or chemical spillage and its outer Layer prevents deterioration of pipe.

Clean and Safe
Vectus Compipe plumbing system is designed to provide with the cleanest drinking water possible. PE-AL-PE's clean, non-corroding plastic interior is resistant to deterioration in aggressive water conditions. As aluminium act as a permeation barrier, the buried pipes will not be permeated by ground source contaminants

Nature of joints
Composite pipes are generally jointed by compression fittings Ease in achieving closer manufacturing tolerance facilitates the use of compression fittings. These joints are very easy, fast as well as safe against leakages.

High Chemical Resistance
Vectus Compipe, due to inner and outer PE layers, is totally inert to most of the chemicals. Vectus Compipe offers better chemical resistance than PE pipes for the chemicals such as fuel oils, where the PE pipes fail because of swelling. Vectus Compipe is totally resistant to these chemicals at temperature up to 95°C.

Good Flexibility
Gl and PVC pipes are rigid and hence cannot be bent. Copper pipes can be bent with mechanical tools. Composite pipes can be safely bent by hand when used with a protective support springs to a radius of 5 times the outer diameter of the pipe. After bending no spring back is observed so there is no need of clamping.

Low Expansion and Contraction
Vectus Compipe's unique composite design makes it behave like a metallic pipe. It's aluminium core controls expansion and contraction, which is similar to that of copper.

Light weight and strong
Vectus Compipe's convenient lightweight long coils make water service Line installation simple. And yet it has high pressure ratings and elevated temperature ratings as well

Better performance at high temperature
The reduction in basic strength with the rise in temperature is less as compared to other plastic pipes Hence, Vectus Compipe gives superior service at elevated temperatures of up to 95°C as compared to other conventional plastic pipes.

Easy Detection
Concealed Vectus Compipe can be easily detected using metal detectors.

Quiet Flow
PE-AL-PE's unique composite construction reduces water hammer pressure and the plastic layers reduce noise. With PE-AL-PE plumbing systems you will have no more shaking or rattling of metal pipes

Lower Conductivity
Vectus Compipe is a bad conductor of heat. Therefore, the insulation requirement is much less compared to GI pipes

Strength retention
The minimum bending radius of Vectus Compipe can be up to 5 times the outside diameter. Hence the pipes bent within this limit are safely used without any reduction in basic strength of pipe

Cost efficiency
The unique combination of long trouble free service Life, safety, weight saving and reduction in diameter required, readily explains the success of PE-AL-PE small diameter piping in the world.

High UV resistance
Composite pipes do not have any effect of UV radiation as carbon black or a UV Stabilize is used with the use of carbon black, PE pipes as well as composite pipes can be safely used for external installations.

Higher Flow Rates
With a Hazen Williams flow coefficient of c=150, and Large inside diameters,Vectus Compipe provides superior Long term flow It will not permit build up of calcium or other minerals - unlike metallic pipes; Vectus Compipe's flow rate is constant overtime.

Support spacing and overhang
With better structural strength due to aluminum Layer, as compared to PE pipes, Vectus Compipe provides more versatility for in-plant piping. Overhang of 1.5 meters can be safely provided for most of the chemicals with specific gravity being equal or lesser than l.   

Composite Piping System

Applications of Vectus Compipe System
  • Cold and hot water Plumbing and distribution
  • Water Supply
  • Solar water heating system
  • Jet pump piping, submersible pump piping
  • Pneumatics, compressed air in textile,
  • automotive industry
  • Medical, Foodstuff and Chemical Industry's Pipe
  • System
  • LPG and Natural Gas Distribution
  • Vacuum system
  • Radiator central heating
  • Cable conduit
  • Diesel, petrol and petroleum products
  • Central air conditioning and blower
  • Refrigerant systems
  • Under floor heating System
  • Insecticides spraying

Data transmission and Telecom
Composite pipes are very effective as conduit compared to other pipes. Its uniqueness is in its three-layer construction incorporating a welded sealed aluminum tube providing the very Latest method of EMI screening covered both internally and externally with a layer of polyethylene. This gives the comparable strength to that of a metal conduit with the flexibility of a plastic conduit. Vectus Compipe System is designed to absorb and reflect emitted radiation from sources of interference, whereby with an attenuation of 80dB would reduce the resultant field with in the composite pipe by a factor of 10,000.

Medical,Foodstuff and Chemicals
The inner and outer layers of Vectus composite pipes are made of special PE with strong chemical, corrosion and contamination resistance. The aluminum core makes the pipe 100% gas and oxygen tight. Therefore, as medical and oxygen supply pipe,Vectus multi-layer Composite pipe is hygienic and leak-proof and ensures the purity of its carrying media.As a supply pipe for food industry, it can eliminate contamination during manufacturing. Furthermore, the static-free PE layers can also withstand all kinds of acid and alkali solution (in density) below 95°C,which enables the pipe to be used in the chemical industry with no extra protection.

Solar,Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Vectus Compipe is the bad conductor of heat.Thermal conductivity is 0.45 watt/ [m deg k.] so thermal preservation is high. This Lowers the cost of temperature keeping and improves the efficiency of these systems.

Gas Distribution
The aluminum layer allows Vectus PE-AL-PE multi layer composite pipes to withstand high working pressure and prevent oxygen and gases from penetrating into the pipe.They are easily bent,which makes the use of numerous fittings unnecessary. Vectus PE-AL-PE multi layer composite pipes are safe and reliable choice for compressed air, gas and oxygen supply.

Under floor heating System
Stable form in bends and over a distance; Vectus PE-AL-PE multi-layer composite pipes can be directly installed up to 200 meters without any fittings. It works well in a wide range of temperature from -40°C to 95°C.