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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Neeranjali - An Initiative of Vectus Industries Ltd.
Spreading awareness about the most precious & irreplaceable bounty of nature, ‘WATER’; connecting with the Earth, our under-privileged fellow beings and all living creatures & plants, “Neeranjali”, has been formed with the intent of conserving environment.

Meaning of “Neeranjali”:

“Neer” means water; “Anjali” means offering with devotion to God, as well as, to help people in need. It is a way of worship by joining both the hands.

The logo of Neeranjali depicts the same - where the water droplet is shown in Blue and hands, in Green, to represent nature.

“Neeranjali” is a pure entity; as pure as water, an elixir, as it was & is meant to be. It intends to flow, as is Water’s nature to flow, ‘undeterred’. Neeranjali is working in many directions and thus flows as a pristine river with its tributaries & distributaries; its magnitude and authenticity becomes apparent when seen from a higher dimension.

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You can support, volunteer, interact & contribute, towards the cause initiated by “Neeranjali”, making your friends and folks JOIN our CAUSE!!

Some of the ways by which you can contribute are:
  • Spreading awareness about water conservation & safe drinking water.
  • Helping keep water bodies clean. Using your contacts/connections in the Government departments to work for betterment & welfare.
  • Informing us if you find a need for us to donate tanks at a genuine charitable organization.
  • Growing more plants & trees to help combat the detrimental changes in the environment.
  • Serving water to the thirsty beings and drying/withered plants & trees.
  • Encouraging Rainwater Harvesting, Drip irrigation, Sprinklers or other methods to save/conserve/recycle water.
  • Providing bore-wells for farmers in remote villages for better crop production & economic stability.
  • Any activity that works for the welfare of the society to make this world a happier place to live.